Urim and Thummim


What is the Urim and Thummim?  Theologians and Intellectuals both have no idea.  Yet it continues to be a major thing when it comes to history.   In Hebrew the term Urim means ‘light’ and Thummim means ‘perfection’.  To most this means nothing, but to me it makes a lot of sense.  Here is yet another central and very important item in religion where the meaning has been conveniently lost.  The so called great authorities on Judaic and Christian religions have had no clue what the Urim and Thummim really were.  The Urim and Thummim is still around.  Hiding in plain sight.   Continue reading “Urim and Thummim”

Original Loser


As humans we want others to understand us.  The problem is most us don’t understand ourselves.  We  take life way too serious.  We want approval so bad we become people pleasers or we become competitive.  I went from being a nerdy loser to trying to be the best at what I did.  I became competitive because I was seeking approval.  What I finally figured out is being the original loser I was is very cool.  I’m such a loser now people even call me a demon.  Demon comes from the Greek word daemon or daimon and means genius.  So thank you to all the people who think I’m a demon.   Continue reading “Original Loser”


We have lost what the shoe symbolizes in today’s world.  If you look up on the internet what the symbol of the shoe means, it will tell you that it represents authority and power, humility and servitude, our direction and focus in life, or our faith in god.  How you get faith in god from shoes is beyond me?  What I have found will make way more sense and will answer a few of questions.  One of those questions being, why would someone throw a shoe at President Bush?   Continue reading “Shoes”

Wishing Well


Where did the idea of throwing money into a well full of water or any body of water come from?   People throw money into fountains everywhere and don’t even know why or how it started.  Researchers will tell you that water was scarce so people gave money to the gods in order for the gods to keep giving water to the people.  If this tradition is European then that’s not the reason.  You could kick a rock over anywhere and find water under it.  This tradition goes back to Egypt.  With the worship of Isis.   Continue reading “Wishing Well”



We have all heard it, “Be Yourself”.  It is the battle cry of all self help groups.  This could be good advice are really bad advice.  For most, it is bad advice.  Why?  Because most people don’t know who they really are!  How can you be yourself when you don’t know who you really are?  The concept that is you is a mask.  We have been wearing the mask so long we don’t know who we really are.  The concept of fake it till you make it is what everyone has been doing since they were a child.  It is time to act real until you remember.  Continue reading “Improvising”


According to mythology and legends the Incubus is a male demon who went into a women’s bedroom in the middle of the night  in order to engage in sexual activity.  The Succubus is a female demon who went into a male’s bedroom to engage in sexual activity.  Is this just the ancients ways of explaining erotic dreams or is there some history here?  There is definitely history here and it is one the church has tried to cover up.  They have been successful until now.   Continue reading “Incubus/Succubus”