Santa Claus


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Who was Santa Claus? Since he is always associated with elves and flying reindeer, is he associated with Witchcraft? Is the name Santa a play on Satan or was he the real Saint Nicholas? Continue reading “Santa Claus”



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Bigfoot is the name given to a ape, hominid like creature that is said to inhabit the forests.  On doing a Bigfoot post I admit most of it will be speculative. However I will give you some facts about what I have discovered and let you be the judge. Continue reading “Bigfoot”

Friday the 13th

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Everyone goes crazy about Friday the 13th when it comes around. There is even a horror movie named after it.   Does anyone know the true history behind this? Everyone tries to come up with some reason why this day is considered unlucky.  It all has to do with secret societies.  This day has to do with the Knights Templars. On Friday October the 13th 1307 King Phillip IV and Pope Clement V rounded up the Templars and charged them with heresy.  And you thought secret societies had no clout in modern society.   Continue reading “Friday the 13th”

Happy Mabon and Alben Elfed



Mabon is the time when day and night become equal as summer disappears, giving way to autumn and the winter months ahead. Yes it is the autumn equinox. This is the time of thanks giving for the rewards of the years harvest and sharing them with the ones that are less fortunate. It is also a time of sadness as the year winds down to it’s close at Samhain. Continue reading “Happy Mabon and Alben Elfed”

Joan of Arc


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The story of Joan of Arc is a perfect example of the blood lines fighting. The name she went by to the people who knew her was Jeanne d’Arc, some say her real name was Jeanne Dark. She was known as the Maid of Orleans. Joan has people that are very well-connected to freemasonry, mainly the Templars, all around her. The main one is René d’Anjou who was a friend of Leonardo da Vinci. Come to find out these two were both connected to the Priority of Sion. The Priority of Sion was a precursor to the Knights Templars. The Knights Templars were disbanded in 1307, but never disappeared. They just went into hiding. The Templars are the guardians of the blood line of Mary Magdalene. Continue reading “Joan of Arc”

Oracle of Delphi

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When ancient Greeks had to make decisions they consulted the gods. The gods spoke through a priestess in Delphi. She was considered the oracle, hence the name, Oracle of Delphi. Why did a patriarchy like Greece let a female communicate what the gods had to say? Some people say that I give Greece a hard way to go, that it wasn’t as male-dominated as I believe. Stick around for this story and you might see why I say Greece was an extreme patriarchy. Continue reading “Oracle of Delphi”