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Ishtar is the Mesopotamian goddess of fertility, love, war, sex and power. The most famous myth of Ishtar is about her going into the underworld. The gate-keeper of the underworld opened one gate at a time, but only after she removed a piece of clothing. By the seventh gate she was naked and could enter the underworld.

Those that know their astronomy know that the planet Venus waxes and wanes like the moon. There are seven stages to her waxing and waning. This is what the myth is referring to, as she wanes she is taking pieces of clothing off, as she waxes she is putting the clothes back on. I have shown in the Gilgamesh post that Ishtar was Venus too. The one that puts her conclusively with Venus is that she was called the dawn goddess. Venus is known as being the morning star, but she can also be the evening star.

Most researchers think that we get Easter from Ishtar. Ishtar being the fertility goddess and Easter being so close to Ishtar, I can understand the confusion. Ishtar was like all other goddess, she was a version of a goddess from Egypt. Ishtar is a version of Isis. Isis is where Easter comes from. In Egyptian Isis is Ast or Est, from which we get Ester or Easter and it refers to the stars or heaven. The hieroglyph for Isis has an egg in it. This is where we get the Easter egg. Isis was a fertility goddess and she was the Queen of Heaven. Ishtar is a Mesopotamian version of Isis.

Mainstream researchers are confused as to why she is equally fond of making war as she is to making love. Just like all other goddesses, Ishtar was aspects of yourself, the cosmos, astronomy and mainly nature. Nature has beauty beyond words, but also can be violent with storms. Nature creates life with birth and takes it away with death. But the scribes of these texts give away history too. As I showed in Lemurian Magic, not all the Atlantans were male.

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