The Dead Marshes


Back to the Lord of the Rings. This post will be about the Dead Marshes that Frodo, Sam and Gollum go through, but it will also show the true symbolism of swamps and marshes in myths and legends. Sam says “There are dead faces in the water”. Gollum replies “They are dead elves, men and orcs”. What are the myths and Lord of the Rings trying to show us with swamps and marshes? Continue reading “The Dead Marshes”

Druidic Human Sacrifice


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This post is going to be different for me because I am usually trying to show the truth in the myths. This one I will be all about showing that druidic sacrifices, for the most part is false. The more I find out the more I realize that if this world says it’s false its more than likely true and if this world says its true, it’s probably false. Continue reading “Druidic Human Sacrifice”





Who is Lucifer? The archangel who challenged god’s authority and tried to become his equal. Religions equate him with the devil and Satan. Some versions say he was filled with too much pride or he wouldn’t honor Adam, so god threw him out. Is Lucifer the devil or Satan? What I have found is going to surprise most. I would say it is almost comical, but people and entire nations have been slaughtered over this character.  Continue reading “Lucifer”