Friday the 13th


Everyone starts flipping out about Friday the 13th when it comes around. Does anyone know the true history behind this? This day has to do with the Knights Templars. On Friday October the 13th 1307 King Phillip IV and Pope Clement V rounded up the Templars and charged them with heresy.

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3 thoughts on “Friday the 13th”

  1. That’s the way the church gets rid of those it doesn’t like. Anyone with power, or anyone who sees things differently, anyone who has something they want, you know…they die. Same old, same old. Friday the 13th is a lucky day for our family. Thirteens are big. We love them. My daughter was born on Friday the 13th, she was married on Friday the 13th and I could go on and on. We love black cats too:)

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    1. You are right. That has the game plan of church and government in this world. I thinks it is great when I meet someone who goes against these superstitions. I love black cats too. 😊


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