I have shown in previous posts how giants in myths are usually showing a very big ego, but myths go several layers deep with truth and giants are no exception. In Lemurian Magic, I showed how an advanced alien race created the human race. They created a first race of humans that were just as big and smart as themselves. In all the myths the giants are frequently in conflict with the gods. In religious texts, the Nephilim, are seen as evil fallen angels. Did these giants exist? This post will show proof they did exist, but in no way were they evil. The idea that they were evil comes from lies of patriarch religions.

To begin with let’s define what giant actually means. The average height of humans today is between 5’4” and 5’8”. NBA basketball players are usually very tall, but only about 20 have reached 7’3” with only a few reaching 7’7”. The tallest man in history, Robert Wadlow, was 8’11”. He was called the Giant of Illinois. When someone is really tall today, science says they have a disease called gigantism. It is said they have a tumor on the brain that makes them grow so tall. So in todays modern age we can’t say they are evil, we have to say they are sick. People who are very tall have inherited that gene from our ancient history. The ancient history no one knows. The skeletons I am about to tell you about were between 7 feet and 18 feet tall. If they were alive today, we would see them as giants.

Nephilim is not universally excepted by researchers as being translated as giants. Nephilim is the plural of Nephil and is derived from nefer(nefel) which means ‘lie down’, ‘prostate’, ‘miscarriage’, ‘abortion’ , ‘young person’ and ‘virgin’. Researcher will say it was young female virgins they are describing, not giants in the religious texts. They are against the idea giants even existed. I get that the religious texts try to blame everything on the female, but the researchers are simply wrong. The scribes of the religious texts love to use words with several different meanings. In the myths and legends, the first race of giants I describe in Lemurian Magic were described as androgynous. This was the aliens(Atlantians) way of controlling their population. It was later on that the myths describe the genitalia as being moved to the front. It was not moved from the back to the front, it was moved from inside to the front. I believe the aliens did this because they grew tired of making test tube babies. The gave the newer creation genitals. The race with genitalia was still androgynous, but now they could reproduce on their own. This race goes on to rebel against their alien creators(see Lemurian Magic). So let’s go through the meanings of the word nefer(nefel) and see why it was used. Young person – this was the first race, they were young; virgin – they did not have genitals at first, so they couldn’t have sexual intercourse; miscarriage  – to the aliens this race was a miscarriage, the had failed to get the desired result because they rebelled; abortion  – I will let you look up all the meanings of this word, the aliens saw them as an abortion. I could just see the scribes laughing and rolling over on the floor after they chose this word.

The Smithsonian has done an perfect job of erasing history. When giant skeletons were discovered, they swooped in and did whatever they could to hide the truth. Their choice of weapon was money. Once they bought the skeletons, they made them disappear. It is widely known in the historical community about the Smithsonian covering things up. They just don’t like to talk about it. There are many books about ancient giants out there, but quite a few get caught up in stories from the conquistadors. Forgive me for not taking everything literally from the Spanish, but just like so many other accounts in history, you have to leave room for exaggeration. The Spanish have many stories of getting their ass kicked by a giant race native americans, but then they returned with thousands of men to defeat the giants. This is all exaggeration. They had to report to the crown on why they didn’t succeed and needed so many men to go back and exterminate the Native Americans. There were very few giants left after the war of the gods. The Spanish made it sound like the continent was covered with them.   The stories of the conquistadors meeting the chief of a tribe who was a giant is believable. The Native Americans knew the history of this world and they saw size as being something from the gods. They also saw androgyny as being divine too. Something the west still hasn’t figured out.

Theologians get very nervous when I ask them why Jesus wanted his followers to become eunuchs. You wouldn’t believe the ridiculous answers I get. In truth, Jesus knew the secret of this very early race. He wanted his followers to be like them. He was asking them to castrate themselves to become androgynous. His priests were known as the Galli. This is why Jesus is referred to as Jesus of Galilee. They say he was from the area of the Sea of Galilee when in truth he was Jesus of the Galilean castration cult(see His Royal Jesus). The hatred towards gay people comes from patriarch religions. A big reason why religions have to go. We should be honoring and respecting people of the gay, lesbian and transgender communities! It is the history of our world that goes back to the first humans. But they rebelled and the idiots running this world can’t forgive and blame them for it.

The book I like most on giants is Richard Dewhurst’s The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America. He uses newspaper archives for what was discovered in the Americas. Most of the skeletons found were being dated back to about 8,0000 BCE and earlier. A few locations where they have only found one or two skeletons are dated sooner. I agree with this because I think the war of the gods happened about around 10,000 – 12000 BCE. In Lemurian Magic I showed they left Atlantis and started Lemuria. When Atlantis and Lemuria were covered by the oceans, the Americas would have been the place to go. There are hundreds if not thousands of newspaper reports about giant skeletons. I will give you some just to show you it was widely known in the 1800’s and early 1900’s that giant skeletons were being uncovered.

Portsmouth Herald, August 17,1899 – New Hampshire Giant, skeleton 9 ft tall.

Charleroi Mail, May 7, 1953 – 49 skeletons 8ft tall in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Charleston Daily Mail, September 20,1916 – 68 skeletons, the smallest being 7 ft tall.

Ohio Science Annual, 1898 – 8ft 7 in tall skeleton in Morgan County Ohio.

Ohio Democrat, January 14, 1870 – skeleton of a whopping 18 ft with a sword of 9ft was found in West Hickory, Ohio.

Oakland Tribune, July 25, 1911 – Bones of several skeletons ranging from 7 ft to 9 ft tall in California.

Chicago Tribune, 1892 – Several skeletons through out Illinois of 7ft to 8 ft.

Nevada News, 1947 – Hundreds of skeletons in 32 caves of 8ft to 9ft in height. All were found on the Nevada-California-Arizona border area. They were wearing skins of unknown animals and the skins were fashioned into jackets and pants. The archeologist described them as ‘prehistoric Zoot-suits’.

I could go on and on. Giant skeletons have been found every state of the United States. It was well-known. Even Abraham Lincoln mentioned them in a speech at Niagara Falls in 1848 when he said:

“The eyes of that species of extinct Giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do today”.

The history of the giant races have been hidden because it is not for the average person to know the true history of this earth. They have to keep repeating the lies of religion and science to keep us ignorant. It has to be lies, the people in charge of hiding the info and forcing the lies down our throats can’t be that stupid. If they can’t see the evidence in front of them, we are in more trouble than I thought. It means that people with no more intelligence than one of Darwinism’s monkeys is running the show. So people in science and religion please admit you are lying or do us all a favor and step down. We need people with brains and intelligence to take the human race forward. I am even talking to the cosmologists that defend the big bang like it is their religion. The big bang theory was invented by Father Georges Lemaitre. A Belgian catholic priest invented it, so science would stay in line with the bible. Nothing like the big bang to back up “Let there be light”. Archeologist have invented an Ice Age to cover up the cataclysm that happen because of the war of the gods. It is things like this that have put a governor on the mind of the human race. It is time to take the governor off and let the mind excel to its true potential.



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