Authentic Self

You hear me telling you to become an authentic person quite often in my posts. I have been asked to explain exactly what an authentic person is. In short it is a person who is comfortable being who they are, they are very grounded and solid. They don’t care what the hell anyone thinks about them. But it goes way deeper.The number one thing is you have to quit caring what others think about you. Quit getting validation from others. Seeking approval from others has to stop. All this is doing is they are approving or validating a mask you are wearing. There is nothing wrong with someone giving you a compliment or approval. The problem happens when you seek it all the time. It’s something you need or want. Like a drug. Nothing you chase will give you inner fulfillment.

The problem is you have a movie playing in your head of what you should look and be like from other people’s point of views. It is like you are being watched. If you have seen The Truman Show, this is what this movie was about. Conspiracy buffs have this movie all wrong. This movie is about you watching yourself. You are doing it from a third persons point of view. You start playing this game of how others see you. The producer or creator is his ego, putting on a show that gives hope and joy and inspiration for millions. You are the star of the show your ego is creating. You are acting so you will be perceived in a good way. You are selling yourself out. You are acting to get a positive reaction from someone else. We do this because we want money, love, happiness, sex etc. The main reason we do this is because we are living in scarcity and not abundance. I will have a whole post on abundance and scarcity later.

We have to get over the need to have everyone like us. This is impossible and unrealistic. If someone has a problem with you, that is their problem, not yours. Become your authentic self and you will attract authentic people. Being fake is attracting fake people. The number one way you can tell if you are authentic or if others around you are authentic is the way one acts around strangers. When you are at home with family and friends that know you intimately, do you act the same in front of strangers or do you put a mask on? I have a couple of friends that it does not matter if they are in front of a nun or an army commander, they are going to say and do what they want. I may not like everything they say or do, but they don’t care.

We bury our authentic self because we are afraid of what others will think. We were born authentic, but we have buried our authenticity with layers and layers of negative beliefs, social conditioning, media, religious beliefs, bad parenting, bullying, education etc. It is buried so deep, you don’t even know what your authentic self really is.

Get out of idolizing. It is okay to get inspiration from someone, but when you idolize someone you blind yourself to your own strengths. I have said before, what makes you weird is your greatest strengths. We all know what makes us the same as everyone else, figure out what makes you unique. What is your authentic self? That is for you to decide. Here are some traits of an authentic person that might help you.

  1. Authentic people have meaningful conversations. The don’t talk about empty meaningless news or gossip. Their conversations are only about things that will help them meet their individual goals.
  2. Authentic people can be alone and be great with it. They don’t rely on others. They take personal responsibility for their own lives. This does not mean they may need help from time to time, but they usually don’t. Being alone usually gives them great insights and ideas. They are stable and grounded when alone.
  3. Authentic people value experiences of material possessions. Once you have that experience that wakes you up, they understand experience is way more important than material things. Time with family and experiencing new things with them is the most important.
  4. Authentic people rarely complain and take full responsibility for themselves. They don’t have the poor little me mind-set.
  5. Authentic people know who is an energy vampire and will not want to be around them. Figure out who in your life does not support and respect you. Get rid of them.
  6. Authentic people are the fullest expression of themselves. They do things every day to sharpen their mind and make themselves a better person. The learn and enjoy different things.
  7. Authentic people take the time to listen to themselves. They find out what they really love or sets them on fire and they do it. When was the last time you really listened to yourself or reflected back to a time you really enjoyed life? Authentic people create those moments again and again. Enjoying life raises your vibration.

If you want peace of mind, you got to get that ego voice in your head to be quiet long enough for the authentic you to speak. When she speaks, listen to her. I say ‘she’ because it will be your subconscious speaking. John Lennon once said:

“Everything in life is okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”.

Become that unique authentic person and things will be more than okay, they will be great.  This is the one thing you can do to make your magic strong. This world is all about pulling you back down to the middle and squashing what makes you shine.  Let them laugh.  The Joke is on them.

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