Reasons for the Season

I have several new readers this year that are not familiar with some earlier works. This is the perfect day to show the truth of so many traditions that take place this time of year. Instead of  reblogging all of them, I will give a link to them in this post along with a summary of what they are about. Whatever it is you are celebrating this holiday, please keep in mind yourself. Everything about religion is for you to give your power away. The only truth in this world lies in yourself. So Happy (enter your name here)mas!!!!


Birth of a God

This post will show you why so many Gods are born on December 25 and why they are born to a virgin. It is all astrological and it will explain some of the meanings.

Santa Claus

Will give the complicated origins of the Jolly Old Elf. The different traditions that ultimately come together to make the modern-day Santa Claus. I will also give the true history of St. Nicholas.

His Royal Jesus

This post exposes the greatest lie ever sold to the human race. This is the true origins of the biblical Jesus.  The truth is coming, you might as well hear it here first.

Happy Solstice and Yuletide

Shows were all the Christmas traditions like holly and mistletoe originate. Yuletide is where the 12 days of Christmas originate.

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