Fat Goddess

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There have been figurines or statues of Goddesses found that are plump or fat like the Venus of Willendorf.  All over the world they are finding  statues like these and no one seems to know what they are or what they represent.  The the free-standing sculptures or drawings of the Goddess is represented as an imposing, and hugely fat woman with dangling breasts, egg-shaped buttocks and bulging calves and forearms.  Some are standing, some are sitting and some are lying down.  They are various sizes from miniature to grand scale carving and drawings.  With the patriarchal mind of today, no one knows what they mean.  Time to illuminate.  

Most, if not all, of the statues are headless or just have a very generic head.  By doing this, the ancients are letting us know that these statues are referring to the Goddess herself.  The places and rooms that these drawings and statues have been found are painted with red ochre.  Archeologists and historians are just as in the dark about the use of red ochre in ancient times.  They are finding the use of red ochre going back as far as 40,000 BCE.  These statues and the statues of other Goddesses are going back just as far if not further.  I read an article in a well-known science magazine about the uses of red ochre for the ancients.  They guess and say it was used for war paint, sun screen and just  everyday use for color.  The whole article was how red ochre had to have a practical use.  They even said it was used for makeup for the women.  How do these archeologists and historians get degrees?  Makeup for women did not start until patriarch religions took hold and it started in Egypt, the birth place of patriarchy.  Before that only oils from plants and animals were used to help cover up our smell.  We humans stink and the ancients knew it.  The Fat Goddess is tied to oils too and I will get to that shortly.  

If you follow my work, you know that Goddesses represent nature herself.  It does not matter what Goddess it is, she is some aspect of nature.  So when researchers say  the statues of the Goddess are erotic art, sex aids or depictions of the local women, I know they have no clue.  They are projecting our patriarch society on the ancient past.  Patriarchy is new in the scheme of things.  Projecting the perverted mind of patriarchy onto a matriarch is sad.  Yes, bare breasts and a naked body represent fertility, but it does not represent sex in a the way we think of it today.  I go into this issue in several of my other posts.  The red ochre the ancients used to paint rooms and paint their bodies was the blood of the Goddess.  Does not matter if you think of it as menstrual blood or blood from birth, they are both correct.  The blood of the female is life-giving blood.  

In truth, the Fat Goddess represents an abundance of everything nature has to offer.  Abundance in plants, animals, fertility, sun and water. Nature is plentiful.  The people have plenty to eat, they have plenty of wood to make a fire or build homes, plenty of water to drink from the rivers and streams, etc.  When the Mother Goddess is fat and happy, so are the plants and animals. Life prospers.  

Which brings me to the anointing of a King in patriarchs.  This was stolen from matriarchs.  The first clue it was stolen from matriarchs is a female has to anoint the King.  Even Mary Magdalen anointed the biblical Jesus.  What I am about to explain is also why we think they sacrificed animals in the ancient past.  When nature was producing more plants and food that could be eaten, other things were made from her abundance.   One of these things was oils.  The oils were made from the plants and the fat of animals.  Fat happy wild animals means a fat happy environment for them.  The ancients only killed the animals they needed for food, but they would hold ceremonies for the King and Queen at a feast.  This is when the Queen would use the fat of an animal or the oil made from fat or plants to anoint the King.  It was a celebration of their leadership being in-tune with the Mother Goddess or nature.  Patriarchs stole this and they have no idea where anointing came from.  

If these same ancients made a statue of a Goddess today, what would it look like?  I believe the statue would look like the most starving, beaten and bruised women you could imagine.  We have raped Mother Nature to the point where the animals we eat are not natural.  Her resources can not replenish themselves fast enough to support our greed.  This patriarch world has no respect for her.  I will not go into any examples because the purpose of this post is only to bring attention back to the Goddess.  Maybe one day Mother Nature will be just as fat as she was before patriarch mind took control of this beautiful world.  

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