Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene is one of the most demonized women in the history of the world.  Why?  Even woman of the world call her a prostitute and hoar without even asking why.  The church has many things to hide with her and that is the first clue as to why she was demonized.  If the truth got out about her, the fairy tale version of Christianity would crumble.  The truth about her is slowly coming out.  Hopefully I can speed things up a bit.  

Most of what you are about to read is mostly from the work of Ralph Ellis.  If history is the Labyrinth, Ralph Ellis is Theseus.  They need to name a constellation in the heavens after him.  Better yet, rename Orion to Ralph Ellis.  That is how important his discoveries are.  One day the world will realize how important his work is to freeing our minds.  I will use his information along with other information I have discovered to put the pieces together.  

Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany were one and the same person.  The church keeps creating lie after lie after lie to keep the truth from coming out. It is readily admitted that Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene are one and the same person and that she probably was a very wealthy woman, but what they don’t want to admit is where she came from or how powerful she actually was.  They definitely don’t want to admit she was married to Jesus.   As you will see, she was married to the biblical Jesus, but she was also much more.  In fact she puts the christ in Jesus Christ.  Christ means ‘anointed one’.  Mary Magdalene is the one that anointed him with spikenard.  This proves that she was a wealthy woman because spikenard was a very expensive oil.  

What was Mary Magdalene anointing and why was this woman off the street allowed to anoint the King of the Jews?  This is one of the major cover ups of the church.  Mary Magdalene was not just another woman off the street.  She was a very powerful woman from a royal family.  Princess were given to Jewish and Roman temples to become Priestesses.  Their titles were called Temple Virgins and Temple Prostitutes.  I don’t know what age she was when she was given this title, but her mother was 3 years old when she became a Temple Virgin.  These positions brought great power to the Priestess and her family.  It was a custom that was brought out of Egypt(see Nymphs).  But what royal family was she from and what was Jesus doing hanging out with royalty?  To the ignorant faithful Jesus was a poor carpenter like his dad and everyone he was around was poor.  It is why he had to make food magically appear.  

In the ancient texts a man being anointed was becoming the High Priest of a temple.  In order to be a High Priest you had to be from a very powerful royal line and it cost a mega-load of money.  The person who is to anoint the High Priest is his wife.  I just showed you that Mary Magdalene was from a very powerful royal family.  If Jesus was poor, how the hell is this happening?  Do you think that Kate or Meghan would leave their prince if a poor man knocked on the front of the palace and said, “I am the son of god and want you to be my wife.  Will you anoint me so I can be the high priest of a temple?”  That would never happen today and would not have happened 2000 years ago.  The poor man would be arrested and possibly never seen again.  So how could these two have been so connected?  Those that have read His Royal Jesus know exactly what is going on here.  In truth Jesus was royalty.  That is why he is called King of the Jews.  He was a royal prince who became King of Judea and Mary Magdalene was his wife.  

Why would the church be so afraid of letting their son of god marry a woman?  Is it because this patriarch thinks that god can’t have a daughter who is worthy of marrying his son?  A chosen woman can give birth to the son of god, but no woman is worthy enough to marry him?  Is Jesus suppose to be so pure he can’t touch a filthy woman in that way?  Jesus became High Priest of Judea and it was bought and paid for by Mary Magdalene.  In Jewish law the High Priest’s wife must anoint him. Which she did when she rubbed spikenard on his feet.   What the masses don’t under stand is that feet in ancient texts is a pseudonym for penis.  That is what a wife would have done for her High Priest, anoint him with sacred sex.  Why is a King having sex with his Queen so embarrassing?  It’s not like she would have ripped his close off and had sex right there on the floor in the church.  Maybe she did because according to the gospel she anointed him right there in front of everyone.  Now that might be a little embarrassing for the church to admit.   

Something else is going on here because according to Jewish Law the High Priest must take on a second wife.  The scandal deepens!  Our son of god now has 2 wives!  Who was his second wife?  Well his second wife was Mary’s sister, Martha.  Everything I am showing you is known.  It is just not admitted.  This is why Mormons have and do practice polygamy.  Early writings of Mormonism said Joseph Smith taught polygamy because it was a true principle of Christianity.  Smith himself had 6 wives.  But Mormonism has plenty of women in their religion who turn a blind eye to women being property and so do several other religions, so why is the church not willing to admit Jesus had more than one wife.  Evidently the women of the world don’t care because religions are booming.  Christianity may lose a few smart women, but not many.  Most would just bow down and say, “If Jesus wants my husband to have many wives, it must be okay. If it’s good enough for Jesus it’s good enough for my husband”.   Minds corrupted with religion will never think clearly. 

What is the church so afraid of?  A little girl giving sexual favors to a priest?  We already know pedophilia is rampant in all patriarch religions and no one seems to care. Finding out that little boys and little girls were giving to temples as prostitutes and virgins wouldn’t even shake the blind faithful.  They would probably take their own kids down to the church and give them to the priests for his own personal sexual favors thinking, “If god wants this done for religion it must be right”.  So what does the church not want to come out? Why denigrate Mary Magdalene like they have? In truth, Mary Magdalene was a very powerful woman just like her mother.  Her mother’s  real name was Julia, named after her great-grandfather, Julius Cesar.  Mary Magdalene was the wife of the biblical Jesus, but what the church is so afraid to admit is that she was also his sister.  This family was Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Persian royalty all rolled into one.  You couldn’t find a purer bloodline who had more of the right to rule and Jesus and Mary knew this.  It is why they wanted to take the throne of Rome.  This couple was the richest and most powerful couple in the known world.  

Jesus was crucified because he started the Jewish War and Mary Magdalene was there.  This is where the truth stops.  Jesus survived and was sent to England to be imprisoned at Fortress Dewa(see Ralph Ellis’ books).  Martha, his second wife, eventually went to England with him to take care of him, but first she goes with Mary Magdalene.  Crucifixion wounds tend to be bad.  This is true that Martha was his second wife because Martha means ‘mistress’.  It was code used in the bible for people with eyes to see and ears to hear.  Vespasian did not know that the bloodline runs through the female.  He is like every other ignorant man who thinks because their name is passed on, so is the bloodline.  He wanted Jesus’ brothers and could care less about the women.  Jesus and Mary had a son who was supposed to send reinforcements to help his father during the Jewish Revolt, but they never showed.  As far as I can tell he never ordered the reinforcements to go because he thought taking on Rome was futile. Maybe he thought their Kingdom of Heaven was enough.  Why try to take Rome to rule the world?  Maybe he wanted his dad out-of-the-way, so he could rule.  Things like that happen in royalty, but I don’t know for sure.  

Where did Mary Magdalene go after the crucifixion and imprisonment of her husband?  This is where the name Magdalene come from.  Magdalene means tower.  Because she was from Egypt I thought they gave her this name for the Pyramids because pyramid and tower are the same, but the scribes in these texts are very witty.  If you have read my Rapunzel post, you know the story is about Mary Magdalene.  Well this is exactly what happen to Mary.  After the crucifixion, as you can imagine, she was furious.  Her emotions were probably all over the place.  But the royal family had to hide her.  She was the bloodline of the most important and powerful royal line in the world.  She was the purest of Lilith’s bloodline.  She had to be hidden.  The royal family hid her in a funerary tower, so Rome would not find her.  Once Rome figured out the bloodline ran through the woman they would surely kill her.  Just as the legends say, she had a little girl and she was pregnant.  Once the coast was clear, her and Martha went to France.  

By the time Rome and Josephus Flavius got Christianity up and running, Mary was long gone to France.  Check out Ralph’s book, Marry Magdalene Princess of Orange, to see exactly where she went.  As I have said before, all the European countries came out of Egypt.  She probably had royal friends and family who knew how powerful and important she was.  It wasn’t till years later the church figured out it was a mistake to let the women go and the Witch hunts began.  Legends like Mermaids were invented to keep her history alive.  This is what The DaVinci Code was trying to tell people.  Mary Magdalene was a very powerful woman and her bloodline knew the truth.  The church has been trying to stop it at all costs.  

10 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene”

  1. For anyone who is interested in the fascinating history of those times and Christ and his Essene family, I recommend the high level channelled books by Claire Heartsong of “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus”, and the follow up “Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes.


  2. That’s quite the story… one I would tend to want to dismiss as fantasy but… but… there’s something inside me that screams: “Truth!” I learned long ago to pay more attention to that inner voice than to official versions of history. Besides, and please don’t all break out laughing at once, a psychic once searched through my own bloodline and found me entangled in the Mary Magdalene “story” as she made it to the south of France. I won’t bother you with the details, they were interesting, but it doesn’t surprise me that all but a couple of my remembered past lives take place in France, then Scotland then back to France again (Paris) then again to a Celtic country, this last time in Brittany. Also of interest is that I do remember a distant past life as one of those “temple virgins” though I did not become a priestess, or I did but somehow lost my title. That was on an island, or Mediterranean shore north of Palestine, under Greek control…??? For what it’s worth, and it may be worth more than I’m giving it. At least it explains this “me” I have found so difficult to understand in this life. Thanks for “the memories” GS, this is a “priceless” blog. What’s that “they” say, that truth is stranger than fiction?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you have learned to listen to your inner voice. Most don’t even know what an inner voice is because they have been ignoring her for so long.
      No one will laugh. I think that sounds awesome! I have come across many ancient Egyptian texts that talk about past lives. It talks about some choosing to come here many times and for others this is there first time. So I have no doubt you have been here multiple times.
      You are welcome Sha’Tara. Thank you for the great comment as always. 😊
      I have come to find out that truth is definitely stranger than fiction and sometimes a lot more interesting.


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