Is This The Best We Can Do?



I ask my fellow human beings, Is this the best we can do?  I personally think the shape the world is in is the worst shape it can be. We live in a fake world from top to bottom.  We wake up everyday to basically do the same thing we did yesterday.  Our lives are on repeat.  We have the same thoughts, do the same activities, and basically see the same people.  Everyday.  This is what the movie Groundhog’s Day was trying to show.  Sure we take a vacation or occasionally try something new, but in no time we are right back to our routines.  Is this what it means to be Human?  

Is corruption the best we can have a humans?  Food, water and land are owned and controlled by governments and corporations.  If you want any one of these things you have to play by their corrupt rules.  So we obey.  Where there were trees that cleaned our air, now there are factories that pollute it.  Where there were streams and lakes with fresh drinking water, now there is toxic polluted water that stinks. There used to be animals that ran free, now there are factory farms where animals are slaughtered endlessly for human satisfaction.  

We discover the world through textbooks written by the victors of war.  For several years we sit and memorize what we are told.  Then we are tested on how much we can regurgitate.  We are programmed to not make a difference in this world and raised by are parents to not be different.  Why can’t school teach us something useful like how to do our taxes or  how money really works?  How money is made out of thin air?  Why can’t schools put learning instead of memorizing and testing as the top standard? School is how they  start the domestication process by force feeding students information and having them throw it up on the test. School teaches us how to memorize dots of information, not how to connect them.  Education comes from the Latin word Educe meaning to draw out, extract or bring out.  Meaning to bring out the gifts of an individual.  School is not education for most of the world. It’s domestication. 

We are taught to be just smart enough to do a job, but not question why we do it.  We work and work doing the same thing everyday and have no time for our family or things we would really want to do.  They keep the carrot in front of you saying you will live the great life when you retire.  If they haven’t pulled the rug out from under you with fake inflation and recessions that they are responsible for,  the day comes that you are too old to really enjoy it.  Your kids really are not yours because you were not there to see them grow, you were at work.  Being a battery for the system.  We die and our kids repeat the same madness we just completed. We think our path is unique, but is it really?  Is this the best we can do?  

This is the world of the elites and their most powerful resource is not oil, natural gas, wind, solar energy, precious metals or fake money, it is human beings.   This is the main message the movie The Matrix was trying to tell us.  We build their cities, fight their wars, run their machines and we are controlled by their fake money.  They use a worthless piece of paper to keep power over us.  Power is what they really want,  not money.  What is money?  Money can be anything as long as it has confidence behind it.  It can be buttons or rocks as long as one is confident that someone else will take it for purchasing things. Once confidence is lost in anything considered monetary, it loses all value.  Power is what they are greedy for, but money is the weapon they use.  They give us money and we give them our power and the world.  

There are over a billion people starving on this planet despite there being enough food for everyone.  Religion acts like they care all while having billions of dollars in money and assets.  Seventy percent of the grain created in the world is given to the animals that are being prepared for slaughter. Helping the hungry is not very profitable.  When will we realize that money can not be eaten.  

The elites have humans acting like a plague on the earth.  We are a virus destroying our planet.  This is what the book and movie Inferno was telling us.  We are tearing apart the environment that allows us to live.  We see everything as an object to be owned, so we can sell it for profit.  We are destroying the planet and all life on it.  As long as we get that paper money that tells us we are better than others, we will do anything.  

Americans have a forty-one percent chance they will get cancer.  A thirty-three percent chance they will get heart disease.  What do Americans do?  They run to the doctor to get prescription drugs to heal them, but medical care is the third leading cause of death. Right behind cancer and heart disease.   The media, government and science say to keep throwing money at scientists and they will come up with a pill to make all your problems go away.  All the elites own the cancer companies and drug companies and they rely on our suffering to make a profit.  Wake up!!!!! We think we are running or walking for a cure to disease, but we are running right into the problem itself.  The original meaning of cure dates back to ancient times in prehistory and it means to preserve.  Think ‘curing a ham’.  That is exactly what you are doing when you give them money for a cure.  You are giving money to preserve the disease, so they can keep making a profit.  

We need to take individual responsibility for ourselves.  We are what we eat.  Our body is what we consume.  Most of the food we eat is not designed for nutrition, but profit.  Our processed food is filled with toxic chemicals. Our produce is sprayed with toxic chemicals and now corporations have figured out a way to make the toxic chemical part of the plants DNA, so we can’t wash it off.   We eat animals that have been pumped with drugs and chemicals.  A lot of the animals  sent to slaughter were diseased and they sell the meat cheap.  We just open are pie hole and throw down without a second thought.  Anyone who tries to bring awareness to the food supply is demonized in the media or destroyed.   

Religion tells us we are the greatest of all creation.  Darwinism tells us we are the top of evolution.  Both of these beliefs were created by governments and elites.  We call nature, other people and creatures stupid, but we point to them to justify our actions.  We have the attitude that just because we can kill or destroy something it is okay. Is it okay or does it show how controlled we really are?  We point to technology to show how smart we are.  Does it really show how smart we are or how lazy we have become?  

They have dumbed us down to be nothing but followers.  Followers without questions.  Every government uses distractions to keep the people dumbed down.  Today they use sports, politics and media.  Ancient Rome called it ‘bread and circuses’.  Anything to keep people from realizing their true power.  Stop waiting for change and be the change you want to see.  We have mastered the act of being followers, now lets master the act of living our life.  We don’t need to save the planet.  She has been here for billions of years and will be here for billions more. She has been through this greed before.  We need to save ourselves. 

Are we more than just a battery for the elites?  Are we more than just a virus?  Are we more than what the elites see us as which is a domesticated animal?  You can choose to carve your own path or walk the road countless others have paved for you.  Your life is your movie, you can change the script anytime you want.  We are the writers of our own story. We can write a different story that is better than the one the elites have written for us.   A story that is not full of destruction, not full of dogmatism, or not full of hatred.   The people who run this world are not smarter than you.  What they are good at is dividing and conquering.  They separate us into races, nationality, religions, sexes, social status and political groups to keep us fighting.  The biggest minority ever is the individual. Be the change you want to see and lead by example.  

All it takes is for a few to say, “I’m not playing the game anymore” and others will follow.  The only true vote you have in this world is where you spend your money.  If a corporation is corrupt, which most are, don’t buy their product or service.  If a bank has been caught doing unethical things, take your money to a local bank.  Our food is making us sick and fat.  Quit buying products that have GMO and are laden with chemicals.  Quit buying fast food.  Animals are treated the worst in places that supply fast-food restaurants.  For those who think the world is not that bad of a place, I ask once more: IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO?   

10 thoughts on “Is This The Best We Can Do?”

  1. All true. I was working on a horse farm today and a lead hand told me that one of their riders, a 14 year old daughter of a cancer research scientist at the University of British Columbia, just died of cancer. I’d bet that once the parents have recovered from their loss, it will be business as usual for him. He won’t make the connection.
    I’ve interacted with quite a few “professionals” over the years, and here on WordPress, many from academia or retired thereof. I have to say, though not shocked, that these academics are probably the most brainwashed and closed minded people I’ve had the unfortunate chance to meet. Total lack of imagination; in fact when I propose little mind trips of imagination to “see” possible futures for this world and the people, they respond with complete put-downs and a ‘good luck with that’ comment. I just unsubbed this morning from another one of those. They are willing to talk (and talk) as long as the conversation isn’t leading towards change, or possible real solutions beyond anything already tried and failed. The don’t realize that in nature, failures are rejected. Among man however, failures are elevated to the status of great accomplishments of civilization. The upshot of that is, civilization has become a massive “high rise” of failures stacked upon failures. Personally I can’t wait to see it all implode into the pile of garbage it has become.

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    1. This does not surprise me at all. I am very familiar with the “good luck with that” comment. It is very maddening to me too. I also would love to see the pile of garbage implode.
      Academia is where they are because they are the most brainwashed. That is how this system works. Don’t rock the boat, be a good little boy or girl and you will be rewarded. Everything is all for greed.

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    1. I think you’re right, but I see it in kind of opposite. I see the world has been sucked into this vacuum of greed and power and nature abhors a vacuum. Just like I tell people that you cant have an experience of nothing because nature abhors a vacuum. The pendulum will swing the other way, the elites know this. I just hope that enough people wake up so that these elites don’t get a golden parachute for a nice soft landing.

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