Sunset for the Elites?


I’m not a political person, but I can see what it going on in the world.  This post will be a genuine post about the happening of the world today.  It will not come from any political side.  I will just pointing out what I see.  The whole world is funded by a piece of paper, fiat money that is backed by nothing.  As I have said many times it is the key to changing this world. Realizing that the fiat money and banking system is nothing but a ponzi scheme.  It does not matter what type of government you have socialism, communism, capitalism, marxism, democracy, republic, aristocracy, etc…it does not matter what guise they put themselves in, the elites will always be oppressive and unjust.  The game will always be spun in their direction.  That is why it is so important for people to search for the truth themselves.  Once you try to find the answers outside of yourself, you surrender your critical senses.  

When the elites start fighting among themselves you get the circus that is going on today in several countries like the U.S., Britain, Italy, and Greece.  When the common person gets pushed aside too far you get what is going on in France and Venezuela.  The world has excluded the working class economically, culturally and politically.  Because of this we see unrest starting to happen everywhere.  Are the elites deciding to relinquish their control?  No.  They are doubling down with non stop money printing, flagrant abuse of human rights and their lawlessness.  There are rules for the elites and then there are rules for the rest of us.  

Our global economy works very well for the elites.  It is getting to the point where they will not need manual workers, laborers or even small business owners outside of big cities.  The cities create the wealth for all in countries or states.  The elites do not need taxpayers anymore.  They just rev up the printing machines and print more and more money.  Taxes today are just something to keep the average person pushed down while the elites pay little to none.  

There is a huge cultural divide in the world.  One example of the cultural divide is most modern, progressive social movements and protests are quickly endorsed by celebrities, the media and intellectuals, but none of them will approve of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or the Gilets Jaunes(yellow vests) in France.  Why? Because these movements are real.  It is a psychological shock to the establishment.  The elites are so far out of touch from the people that they don’t realize that these are real. They think they will just print more money, throw it at the leaders of these movements and they will go away.  It has worked every time before, so why not?  When it doesn’t work they demonize them in the media or give them no time at all.  When celebrities and corporations are not backing a movement, it’s real.  

The elites will say stuff like “look at what we have accomplished”.  Women can drive in Saudi Arabia, we are helping minorities and the poor all around the world, we have bathrooms in cities now that are not gender specified and we help give vaccines and medicine to people who can’t get it.  They do this because it is very difficult to oppose them when they say they care about these things.  When in actuality they benefit immensely from the world economy, but they also produce cultural discourse which ostracize the common person.  

The elites will present themselves as anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-misogynist, and not homophobic or xenophobic, but this is merely a way of defending their class interests.  It has been the only argument they can use to defend their status.  The argument is starting to crumble.  People are starting to figure out that the elites are the most racist, homophobic, misogynist, anti-semite and fascist people on the planet.  They use these words because they know people are polarized and the words cause them to be triggered.  The old ways of smearing people is not working and the pot is starting to boil over.  

The elite control the world media.   They are the journalists and hosts who pretend to be other wise.  Anyone who tries to go against the narrative is fired and destroyed. Forbes even reports that 15 billionaires own all the news media in the U. S.  But with the internet real information is able to get to most of the world about what is really happening.  The elites will try to deplatform people on social media and then they will use excuses about protecting you from yourselves to put up surveillance cameras.  In reality they want to keep you from organizing online and spy on any organizing happening in the real world.  

The elites are starting to run scared.  For the first time in today’s world there are movements which can not be controlled through the normal political mechanisms.  People are waking up that the game is rigged and want to be heard and seen.  Totalitarianism makes people feel hopeless.   The suicide problem is from people not getting a chance to be heard.  These movements are outlets for people to be heard and the elites are doing everything they can to keep people quiet.  The elites don’t care if the average person commits suicide because they don’t need them for anything other than being fearful and accepting the propaganda.  The technology companies have been able to put forward their indoctrinating and imprisoning techniques using very subtle psychological and emotional practices and it is now causing a major backlash from those who are awakening.  This is how all revolutions begin.  People figure out who is to blame and they see the solutions and start acting on them.  

Fiat money is backed by nothing.  Its only use is to fund wars and finance inequality.  If the Saudi princes want more money they just pump more oil out of the ground and sell it for fiat money.  When the elites in other countries want more money they just start the printing presses up and fill their wallets.  They are printing more and more just keep the economies afloat.  Excessive money printing just to finance debt. They have printed trillions and trillions then gave corporations and governments free money.  These companies all bought their stock to keep it artificially inflated in the markets.  Once the stocks reached a certain point, the CEO’s and other leaders all cashed in their options.  Financial illiteracy is at an extreme but people are seeing that the bailed out banks did not learn their lesson.   

Politicians are masters at doing misdirection.  All of them!  They will say or do something crazy to get the masses attention on a certain subject all while doing something else while no one is looking.  Donald Trump is the best at it.  He will say and do off the wall things to get people to pay attention to what he wants them to pay attention too.  All while getting things done behind their back without them saying a word.   The media is more than happy to accommodate him.  All the elites can fake empathy.  It’s called Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.  They will push false narratives on everything and anything.  

I have studied all typed of governments from all points in history and this is what I see happening all over the world today.  The economy of the world has become very top-heavy.  There is a huge disconnection between the narrative of media and the reality of the world.  Data flows are controlled, monitored and aggregated.  Voices of discontent  are silenced.   The masses are made to be polarized.  Leaders not getting out and talking to the masses.  Politicians being very wealthy.  Outright censorship and surveillance.  These are all symptoms of an oligarchy.  Most of the world is under an oligarchy.  The more the elites suppress the anger and dissent of the masses, the more it will be pushed into extreme directions. It has already been pushed.  Are we seeing the beginning of the fall of the elites? 

The elites do not want to talk about the past.  They think we need to just forget about the past and move on.  If you look at the past you better not go outside their narrative. They don’t want people knowing the truth, so they can repeat history.  They don’t want people to see what they really did in history so they can do it again.  History always repeats itself and for the most part it is done on purpose.  Because of wisdom the cycles of the elites are being broken.  The masses are able to get history from other places than the establishment.  

The movements that do not have celebrities, corporations or religion involved in them are not fads.  The greatest humans ever are the ones who are able to adapt.  The elites do not like to adapt they want to force the world into their view.  If the women’s movement wants to be taken seriously, they have to get religion out of it.  The injection of Islam into this movement has to have been done by the elites.  The way women are treated in Islamic countries is exactly how the elites want women to be treated.   Men need to be willing to support the movement at its purity and that is by understanding the fear and vulnerability of women.  Both men and women have to start celebrating women’s accomplishments instead of showing jealousy.  Just because a girl or women is successful does not mean she did sexual favors.  Women are just as guilty about doing this to other women if not more so than men.  Women have scratched and clawed their way through this patriarchal world and being jealous of other women is not what will get you to the top.  Working together and keeping all patriarch garbage out of the movement will launch you to new heights.   

The pharmaceutical companies are another that need to be brought down and I see it cracking world-wide.  The materialistic society the world has is making us sick.  Medicine is not just a science, its much more than that.  It is a way of looking at human beings.  When we look at individuals without understanding their mental, emotional and social states, medicine becomes a corporation that is in competition with everything.  The mind, body and spirit are not separate.  The environment has a lot to do with it too.  What we think is genetic is more a product of our environments that make our body, mind and spirit unhealthy.  Poverty is a health issue in this world, but the elite make money off people being poor and unhealthy.  It does not matter how much healthcare costs!  They just print more money!   Making people pay co-pays and deductibles is just another way of keeping them down! Medical bills coming in keeps you stressed and your wallets empty.  Doctors that think like this are not part of a corporation and that is why the Insurance companies will not cover you if you go see them for medical help.  The pharmaceutical companies bribe both insurance and doctors. Corruption in the medical industry is starting to be exposed, but we live in an oligarchy, so not many people are hearing about it.  Reuters is even reporting how the pharmaceutical companies have been paying doctors off to get their patients hooked on opioids and the insurance companies are paying for the drug to get them hooked.  

The elites always get all their wars and all their bailouts.  The old saying of “If you don’t know who the sucker is at the poker table, it is you” is so true in today’s world.  All countries are so far in debt they will never get out of it.  Every country has sped up the money printing presses to see who can out print who.  Debt means nothing to the elites anymore.  It only means something to the common person.  Marcus Aurelius said, “Look back over the past over the  changing empires that rose and fell and you can for see the future.  Good leaders did not need endless legions to guard them.  They were defended by their own good lives, the attachment of their subjects and their own good Senate”.  We are a far cry from this.  This is not just one country who is going to fall once the people wake, it will be the world.  It all starts with the money.   Quit spending your money at corrupt corporations.  Get out of the stock market before the elites leave you empty-handed.  Quit using credit cards unless you can pay them off every month.  Your only vote in this world is where you spend your money.  I think this is the beginning of the end and it will coincide with the move into Aquarius.  

14 thoughts on “Sunset for the Elites?”

    1. Thanks, Hitandrun. 😊 Rage Against the Machine are no longer together, but they are one of my all time favorites.
      Believe it or not, I have some people argue with me that capitalistic democracy is the best this world is ever going to get. Of course they are very religious war loving people too.


      1. Those people will never go against the status quo…even if it kills them. I think they’re so afraid to look at reality that they’ll do anything to ease their terror. This is a great post. I’ve written about the way to bring about change is to start making our own money, bartering, etc. and start ignoring the people who hand out the lies. We could erase racism and inequality in pay for women at the same time. That’s really the answer to a new playing field and beginning. We need to stop fighting and just make a new world among the masses. I’m not saying it would be easy but people always trade services and barter. Money is killing us.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Quote: “Money is killing us.” You got that right… literally in fact. Apart from royalty, money is likely the biggest and longest-running scam ever perpetrated upon this benighted world. It’s so ingrained now that even those who have no money want to get in the gambling casino to try to win.


    1. You just described America. 😂 Funny how if a man walked around and said they were the greatest and everyone in the world had to do what he said or he would kill them, we would put him in an insane asylum. Why does the world take it from a country? I also find it funny how often they tell Americans they are free. Seems to me if people were truly free they wouldn’t need to be told.


  1. The article has misuse of the term fascism.
    Hitler created 6 million jobs in 3 years. He printed his own currency rather than interest bearing Fiat.
    Italy the same.
    Mosley wanted to do the same and was gaoled.
    Bonaparte twice rose up against the Globalists of his time and twice lost.
    Hitler and the National Socialists rose up and lost. ‘Nazis’ were forced into war.
    Trump is the first to rise since Hitler.
    Give Trump a chance.
    The last throw of the dice?


    1. All that is blood fighting for who wants to be in power and we fight their wars. As it says at the beginning of the post, it does not matter what guise they put their government in. It is time for the common person to rise up and show that we are the many and they are the few.


  2. All the wars are made for elite’s own good and unfortunately, simple people are those who pay and die for those. Also, “Politicians are masters at doing misdirection” for they do all the masquerade for money and that is happening everywhere in this world. As someone said “Money has become your God” and as religion says that God will punish you, in the same way “money is killing us” but in a real way, for everything that is bad and happening in families, communities, countries has money as reason.
    GREAT article! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Inaloveword. 😊 Greed is definitely the problem. Money can be a useful tool, but not in a greedy world like this. It’s like greed has been ingrained into our DNA.
      Thanks for reading and having a great comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do agree with you. 🙂
        Sometimes I was wondering what you said: if money has been ingrained into our DNA, for it seems to be the only people’s worth measure.
        You are more than welcome and thank YOU for your kindness!

        Liked by 1 person

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