Twenty Traits of Muggles

I wrote a post called Eleven Traits of Witches and Wizards almost 2 yeas ago that helped people seeking Magic to see if they had what it took to be a Witch or Wizard.  This post will show the traits of muggles to show the one who are seeking Magic what needs to be improved upon.  So if you are working on getting rid of your muggleness or you want to make your Magic stronger, these are the traits you need to work on to make them disappear.  

As Arthur Weasley says in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, “Muggles will go to any lengths to ignore magic, even if it is staring them in the face…”  For those that don’t know what muggles are, it is a term used in the Harry Potter books to describe people with no magic.  I use the term because those books are some of my favorite books and they are filled with symbolism.   Everyone does magic, muggles just don’t know it.  

Muggles usually treat extraordinary people like crap.  They are only aware of their own small section of reality.  The following traits will work against your magic.

1.You refuse other people’s advice.  You think your way of thinking is the only way to solve an issue.   Sometimes other people outside of your situation can see things more clearly, especially Witches and Wizards.  They are not emotionally involved in your situation.  Most muggles refuse to listen.  

2. You compulsively compare yourself to others.  You are always trying to make yourself better than others.  You want to be more attractive, better dressed, more competent or more intelligent.  Muggles are so insecure they are always comparing themselves to others.  

3. Thinking you are untouchable.  Everyone has their highs and lows.  You need to work hard at what you do to stay on top.  Taking short cuts and thinking nothing can bring you down is delusional.  Muggles usually get a big head and it leads to their own downfall.  

4. You never see yourself as the problem. No one is perfect and sometimes you will get in your own way.  That is life.  Muggles love to blame everyone but themselves.  

5. This one goes with the previous one.  You think others are out to get you.  Conspiracy theories are great and all, but when you start thinking everyone is out to bring you down that is  narcissism.  There are some horrible people in the world, but sometimes it’s not everyone else, it’s our bad decisions.  

6. You love attention.  If you want to be the center of attention all the time that is the sure sign of a muggle.  Do you always want to be the center of attention?  Do you draw attention to yourself all the time?   Muggles love being the center of attention and are attention seekers.  

7. You refuse to apologize.  Apologizing is an act of humbling yourself.  As I have shown in number 4, muggles love to blame others.  It is very painful for a muggle to take responsibility and apologize to others.  

8. You have a victim mindset. When things happen to you, it is never your fault.  You always want people to feel sorry for you, so you identify with the bad things that happen to you.  Your bad situation, event or sickness is your identity.   Muggles always see themselves as the victim.  

9. You are selfish.  You feel you are entitled to get your own way and other people are responsible for your happiness.  Muggles have no empathy and have a hard time acknowledging other people’s needs and feelings.  They have a selfish personality. 

10. You can’t handle criticism.  You have a hard time with rejection, criticism, and competition.  It is taken to heart and you usually quit what you started.  Never finding out how good you could have been if you just accepted the criticism and improved upon it.  Muggles only hear what they want to hear.  They will lie to themselves to make themselves feel better.  

11. You need to be in control.  When things don’t go your way you get angry and defensive.  This can be worse if there are two control freaks in the same area.  To you there is no grey area.  Muggles want to control exactly how things should be done and want to control how people behave.  Muggles are control freaks and are very manipulative.  

12. You crave recognition.  The need to feel appreciated is normal and healthy, but muggles take it to a whole new level.  They seek recognition for virtually everything.  Muggles always have the need to feel validated.  

13. You are always defensive.  You take any subtle disagreement and turn it into a full-blown argument.  Muggles will protect and defend itself from unpleasant feelings and perceive any resistance to their thoughts and actions as attacks.    

14. You set unrealistic goals.  Goal setting is great, but unrealistic goals can be detrimental.  No matter how unrealistic or unachievable, muggles will set these goals to internally demonstrate their superiority.    

15. You find joy in other people’s misfortunes.  You don’t help celebrate other people’s success, especially success that you feel was rightly yours.  Muggles are envious and find joy in others downfall.  Muggles gossip and are very toxic in their actions and speaking.  

16. You are greedy and never satisfied with what you have.  You crave more and more which leads to more stress for everyone around you.  Muggles are greedy and always think something outside them will make them happy.  Which it never does.  Muggles don’t understand what true happiness is.  

17. You feel entitled.  You feel the world owes you the things you want.  Muggles think the world owes them everything and everyone is obligated to make sure that happens.  What they don’t understand is they need to earn everything in this world including respect.  

18. You have a low self-esteem, but try to hide it by appearing more confident or competent than you really are.  You worry that if you don’t work hard enough to keep up your appearance you will be exposed as a fraud or be rejected.  You are a Pretender.  Muggles love to put on a front or a mask.  

19. You are very vague as to what you want in life.  Muggles are unsure of their direction in life.  They don’t live their passion.  

20. You justify your bad behavior.  You may see yourself in this list but don’t care.  Muggles love being muggles.  Ignorance is bliss.  

7 thoughts on “Twenty Traits of Muggles”

    1. He is like so many other Muggles. I left hate and meanness out because I’ve seen hate and meanness from both witches and wizards. It’s not just a Muggle trait.


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