Dealing with Muggles



Dealing with muggles is one of the hardest things Witches and Wizards have to do.  Even if a muggle does not know you do magic they still see you as somewhat of a threat.  Muggles will keep you from living your dreams and want you to stay down with the rest of the herd.  They try to trigger you and make you feel like crap. Muggles are everywhere.  Most Witches and Wizards will tell you to just cut them out of your life.  It’s as simple as that.  This is the reason most Witches and Wizards are alone.  It is not that simple.  No matter how strong a magical person you are, you are still human and humans are social beings.  

Cutting people out of your life is the right advice when it comes to toxic people.  But what most  Witches and Wizards do is cut out all muggles.  Because there are very few magical people in this world you find yourself alone.  It is so much easier to cut someone out of your life than it is to bring someone new into your life.  Witches and Wizards have even taking it so far as that when they do let someone new in their life, they look for reasons to not like them.  First time someone disagrees with them, they cut them out.  This will also make you alone or it will surround you with people who agree with you all the time.  I find that when a lot of muggles start agreeing with me, I need to take another look at what Im doing.  

We think that when people disagree with us that they are brining us down.  Yes and No.  Maybe we are the ones that are wrong.  If you have someone that challenges you, it broadens your perspective.  You need people who challenge you.  Don’t get lost in the fairy tale that you are always right.   If I wanted people to agree with me all the time I would just write posts about sports, Hollywood, media, technology, automotive, or anything else that muggles like to talk about.   I write what I do because it challenges my readers and I look to be challenged.  Just because someone challenges your thoughts does not mean its negative.  

There are a lot of very smart muggles out there and there are some Witches and Wizards who don’t know who they are yet.  If you just push everyone out of your life,  you shelter yourself from a lot of opportunities for growth.  You keep yourself from meeting new magical people.  I showed my Synchronicity post that your Higher Self will communicate with you through any means necessary.  Muggles are one very important way your Higher Self likes to communicate. Self and other go together.   

I get how when you were discovering yourself that friends and family tried to pull you back down.  I went through the exact same thing.  I’m going to give you the exact reasons why muggles do this.  They are not out to make you look bad.  They are doing it unconsciously.  You are creating chaos in the established rules of muggle world.  There is a certain dynamic in the muggle world and humans are creatures of habit.  Especially with friends and family.  You have been the habit of yourself that they have gotten used too.   If you start changing who you are, that changes their dynamics.  Even if you just try to become more healthy, more fit, make more money, or  anything to improve yourself, that creates chaos in their world.  They don’t like change.  They want you to be the you they have gotten used too.   

Think of a show you like to watch.  Now think of your favorite characters.  You watch the show because you like the characters. You like the way they act in the plot of things.  What if one of the characters decided they were going to act like a different character or just be totally different.  Would it change your mind about the show?  Wouldn’t you demand that the character go back to being the character you know and love?  For example, if Sheldon on Big Bang Theory all of a sudden decided to get buff and be a gym rat, would that not change the show?   That is what it is like in the muggle world!  They have been programmed so much and love the habit of their own personal movie.  Muggles go crazy when chaos happens in their favorite shows.  They start petitions and hashtag this or hashtag that.  That is essentially what is happening when you mess with the real show or movie that is their personal life.  You create chaos in their personal show and they don’t like it.  

Also when things in the muggle world are  generally the same, muggles feel good about themselves.  But when you start doing something different like working out and getting buff, it makes them start feeling bad about themselves.  They see you start being healthier and losing weight and they start thinking, “Why can’t I do that?”  They start feeling bad because they don’t have the discipline that you have.  It is the same thing with getting wiser, getting higher status or vibrating higher.  They start feeling bad about themselves and they lash out.  Bringing what’s internal out.  As within so without.  It has nothing to do with you necessarily, but everything to do with them.  

The only thing you can do for muggles is show them the resources.  You can’t do the work for them.  There has to be a willingness and discipline.  They can get jealous and upset at themselves all they want, but if they don’t have a willingness to change they will stay the same.  You can give someone an opportunity, but you can’t force them to take it.  Every Witch and Wizard knows if some muggles got involved in magic it would help them immensely, but they can’t see it.  I get a lot of emails asking, “How do I help my friends?”  Present the resources.  Show them my website.  That is all you can do.  You can lead them to water but you can’t make them drink it.  Regardless of whether they decide to do the work or not, you have to be you.  You have to do what’s right for you.  Don’t let friends hold you back.  You are your own responsibility.  They are not your responsibility.  

I like to use muggles as a mirror.  We can always see stuff in other people we don’t like.  We can see someone else’s bad habits.  I like to turn it on myself.  Say you see someone that is a procrastinator, what is your version of that?  What do you procrastinate about?  I see how muggles are very closed off to my work.  I ask myself, “What am I closed off about?”   What ever you see in muggles, you have a version of it.  What is your escape?  What is your bad habit?  What would you like to do better?  Muggles will trigger you too.  Let them bring out that valuable data that you need to work on.  

Everyone has some value.  I have a friend that is the exact opposite of me.  He is an absolute religious freak, but we have one big thing in common.  We both love cars.  He is a genius when it comes to working on cars.  I don’t hang out with him much, but when it comes to cars we will hang out.  All we will talk about is cars and we help each other work on cars.  He knows how I am and that I don’t approve of what he thinks, but we still have cars in common.  I may only see him once every few weeks, but we still are good friends.  You can compartmentalize like that.  Nothing is set in stone.  You are who you are.  

Some people are very toxic and you have to cut them off, but you are not as trapped as you think you are once you discover magic.  Muggles are just an annoyance or cause frustration.  If someone is abusive towards you and causing you to be dysfunctional, you need to cut them off.  Those people are toxic.  You are a sponge.  No matter how strong a Witch or Wizard you are, negativity can bring you down.  So those people need to pushed out of your life.  Most muggles are just ignorant and scared.  Show them the resources and plant a seed in their mind.  It is up to them to do the rest.  If they don’t go any further, they are not ready.  Ignorance is bliss.  

Be a vessel for change.  Because muggles get scared easily they will attack you personally.  I know, I get it all the time.  They can’t prove my work wrong and it scares them, so they attack me personally.  Don’t take it personally.  The mind of muggles is very fragile.  Even if they don’t know who you are they will feel bad for how they acted.  I have gotten several apologies.  Im not asking you to have tolerance.  Tolerance in this world means to change they way you act in order not to hurt someone else’s feelings.  You should never do that.  Be who you are.  Im just saying have empathy for the muggles.  Knowing the true history of this world, how fragile the human mind is and how it’s been manipulated from the beginning has helped me have empathy (see Lemurian Magic).  

Im not telling you to not have your alone time.  Witches and Wizards need alone time to re-energize.  I’m showing you the you don’t have to be completely alone.  There are very few Witches and Wizards who know their true selves.  If you shut everyone out you will never meet them.  Toxic people, not muggles, need to be kept out of your life.  Don’t shut everyone out.  If you do you are taking  life way too serious.  I find the muggle drama very entertaining sometimes.  They take it so serious.  Nature has a sense of humor.  She created me didn’t she?  😉  Im sure she finds it very funny how I tend to shake people’s beliefs.   Have fun.  Life is too short not too.  

4 thoughts on “Dealing with Muggles”

  1. I think muggles also sense when your energy frequency changes and they disappear, especially when they are both toxic and muggles.
    Some pop up from time to time just to see if you’ve had a relapse or to gain some of your energy so that they can go be the leader of their muggles pack 😀
    I love the idea of compartmentalized muggles!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Muggles don’t know it but they are very sensitive to vibration frequency. Whether it be higher or lower. Yes they will disappear if they are not on the same frequency. Some craving a higher frequency will want to be around you just you feel your energy. They can’t explain it but they want to be around you, even ones you don’t know very well. The toxic ones are energy vampires. They want to drain your energy. When you encounter these type of muggles you need your alone time to get your energy back.
      Compartmentalizing muggles is really the only way I have found to deal with muggles on a large scale. The trick is to get them to focus on what you have in common. They will try to suck you into rumors with their drama filled life but you have to let them know that you don’t get involved in that garbage. Sooner or later they will see you as a living example and start asking questions.


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