Since my work is mostly on the Sacred Feminine I have received a few emails asking if I could write a post on the issue of abortion.  I really hate politics, but wrong is wrong.  I hope my readers enjoy.

What is it going to take for women to have had enough?  In patriarch religions, you don’t have rights.  You are a piece of property to the patriarchy.  If you get pregnant whether you want to or not, its not your property.  How can a man tell a woman what to do with her own body?  Religions do not care about life!   They only care that you keep having babies in order for them to keep having followers.  In matriarchs women were equal to men in every area.  Then the poison of patriarch religion took over this world.  

Women have been beaten down from the very beginning of patriarchy.  Pro life could care less about life!  They have no problem sending an eighteen year old kid off to war!  They will kill doctors and nurses in a clinic!  They have no problem putting someone in the electric chair! They will hunt animals just for the fun of it!  Pro life is anti-women.  They want women to lay down and do what they are told.  When a man has experienced his first pregnancy, had labor pains, brought up a child on minimum wage by themselves and treated like a second class citizen, then I will listen to what they have to say on abortion.  Which will be never.  

I have wrote before that when sleeping women wake, mountains will move.  What do you think would happen if women just up and left Alabama, Missouri, Georgia or any other place that have ridiculous views on abortion, like Ireland or the middle east. They would turn into a third world county!  Patriarch religions have thrown the human race into a dark ages.  Women in  ancient Egypt were equals to men in every area.  Abortion is as old as pregnancy.  Every ancient civilization had it.  It was not considered wrong or bad until patriarchy took over.  Think about this, before patriarchy the world built magnificent megaliths around the world.  There was advanced civilizations everywhere.  Today we just lie about everything and control the populations.  We think we are advance but we are nothing more than a virus that destroys everything.  

Egyptologist Barbara Watterson writes:

In ancient Egypt a woman enjoyed the same rights under the law as a man. What her de jure [rightful entitlement] rights were depended upon her social class not her sex. All landed property descended in the female line, from mother to daughter, on the assumption, perhaps, that maternity is a matter of fact, paternity a matter of opinion. A woman was entitled to administer her own property and dispose of it as she wished. She could buy, sell, be a partner in legal contracts, be executor in wills and witness to legal documents, bring an action at court, and adopt children in her own name. An ancient Egyptian woman was legally capax [competent, capable]. In contrast, an ancient Greek woman was supervised by a kyrios [male guardian] and many Greek women who lived in Egypt during the Ptolemaic Period, observing Egyptian women acting without kyrioi, were encouraged to do so themselves. In short, an ancient Egyptian woman enjoyed greater social standing than many women of other societies, both ancient and modern. 

Abortions and birth control were available to all women married or single.  Abortion techniques were documented in the Ebers Papyrus.  The Ebers Papyrus dates back to 1542 BCE.   What women today don’t understand is patriarchy needs you, but will never respect you. 

This poem is a perfect explanation of how women are treated. Like she says at the end don’t play this game. 

Woman’s Shame


Shame of liking sex too much

Shame of not liking it enough


Shame of having too many children

Having none, or too many abortions


Shame of bleeding

Shame of not bleeding anymore


Shame of a mother who works a job

Shame of one who stays home


Shame of being a married possession

Shame of being an ugly duckling


Shame of being full-breasted

Shame of being flat-chested


Shame of being too submissive

Shame of being to aggressive


Madonna or Whore

is a too tight shoe to wear

And shame is a blame game

that I’m not playing


~ Colleen Redman 1998

It does not matter what you do, you will be shamed.  They shame women to control them. 

Being a Goddess is for thinkers not stinkers.  I don’t care how strong of a mind you have or think you have, as long as you belong to any religion you are a stinker.  If your religion is not yourself, your temple not your own body and your God not your own Higher Self, then they know they have you.  How do I know this?  Because you look for authority outside yourself and as long as you look for authority outside of you, they will have authority over your body.  It is that simple.  

Think about this….Do you think any simpleton priest or politician could tell Isis, Athena, Venus or any other Goddess what to do?  I actually have played that out in my head with several politicians going up to Isis and saying, “ You can’t have an abortion if you get pregnant. I forbid it”.  It all ends with Isis bitch slapping them all the way to Pluto.   Okay I will bring it down to earth here.  Do you think a priest or politician had control over Cleopatra’s, Nefertiti’s, Hatshepsut’s, Queen Elizabeth’s, Catherine the Great’s,  Nur Jahan’s, Zenobia’s, Lakshmibia’s or Empress Wu’s bodies?  Hell, do you think Queen Elizabeth II would let a man have authority over her own body today?  I highly doubt it.  Then why they hell do you let men have authority over yours?  If you think they are more important than you then the mind programing of patriarchy has worked.  Every one of the women I just mentioned knew they were Goddesses.  The women I named all knew the lies of the religion and that religion is for the masses.  They knew exactly what I have shown on this website.  

Here is an idea.  How about mandating every boy to have a vasectomy at the age of 13 or 14?   When they are ready to have a family it can be reversed later in life.  If a woman has sex with 100 men in a year she will only have 1 baby in that period, but if a man has sex with 100 women it could potentially make 100 babies.  Whenever I talk to people about this they shun me and call me crazy.  They tell me that we can’t have everyone having sex with everyone else.  Newsflash! They already are!  Come out from the religious rock you have been hiding under.  Some of them tell me that you can’t tell someone what to do with their own body.  Isn’t that what banning abortion is doing?  For the record I don’t think boys should have vasectomies.  Im just trying to prove a point of how girls are treated different.  This world thinks it’s okay to control women’s bodies, but when it comes to boys its off limits.  

If you truly want to be taken seriously about abortion, you need to hit them right in the patriarchy.  There are more women in this world than there are men.  If women quit spending their money at places that say they are religious or places that do business with these states and countries then the system would fall.  If men would man up and help the women it would go much faster.  I don’t see too many men helping because they like women being their property.  But there are a few men left that understand the sacred masculine.  If the corporations who have factories and headquarters in these areas actually cared about women, they would have threatened to leave if the bills were passed.  Not one corporation has spoke up.  

They can say all they want about how government and religion are separate, but that is a huge lie.  Get out of religion all together, you have suffered enough.  Grab them by the patriarchy and cut it off.   Once we do that, then we will be taken seriously and patriarch religions will be seen as a stain on human history.  The change that is coming will mostly have to go through women.  There is no male Lilith or Eve in history.  Will abortion be the final straw that gets women to step into their Goddess power?  In this the wake up call that will make mountains move?   We shall see.  


14 thoughts on “Abortion”

  1. I cannot say I agree with how you say things, but as a man I agree we have no say in how women control their own lives, including their own bodies.


    1. We men need to just stay out of trying to control other people lives and bodies, especially women. Change is coming and the sooner men figure it out the easier the transition will be.


      1. The day men stop all their bullying, exploiting, oppressing, warring and polluting for profits; the day they admit their banking is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme designed solely to rape the planet and all that lives on it, when men say “I love you” in acts and not in words, that’s the day I will sit down with them and talk about control – and by then they will realize there is no need for it because it is their fear full need to control that is the root cause of our social problems.

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      2. I’ve been watching change coming since the 60s. Hate to say it but little true change has come, and what did come has mostly been taken back in the last 3 years. Petty minds close doors, not open them. Nor can we assume life will continue on forever, as once seemed likely. I won’t be here to see things get critical, at least not in this incarnation. I wish the future well.


      3. They said change is the one constant in the universe but no one ever dared promise which way that change would take us. However much people want to control everything, they do not sit as masters of change. Life and Nature will have the final vote, always.

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      4. Yes, that business of splitting hares is questionable. First you have to catch one, then there’s all that kicking, biting and screaming! 😂


  2. Quote: ” Because you look for authority outside yourself and as long as you look for authority outside of you, they will have authority over your body. It is that simple. ”
    Yes, it is that simple, actually, I know this from personal experience. It was a long, hard battle to reach that point where I knew there was no longer any higher authority over myself than myself. Yes, that makes people’s eyebrows rise, and they accuse me of selfishness, but it is those who submit to a false higher authority, or known corrupt higher authority, who are the selfish ones because they hope that by being ass kissers they will be personally “blessed” and they don’t care about those who suffer under false authority.

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