This post will come as a surprise to a lot of people.  Even ‘awake’ people don’t know very much about Shakespeare.  His writings are taught in school as one of the greatest works ever in human history.  While manuscripts of the most important writers in the history of the world have made their way to museums, not one of Shakespeares has made it in any museum, ever. The father of english literature and not one original manuscript can be found.  This post is to show that history is not all that it seems.  Most things we are taught are not entirely the truth.   Continue reading “Shakespeare”



We all worry.  Why do we worry all the time?  Getting this under control is one of the greatest things Magic does.  We as a human race are constantly looking for problems and danger.  We look for something to happen.  No matter how good things get, we constantly play out worst case scenarios in our mind.   Most people think this is a good thing.  They are simply wrong.  It fills us with anxiety and we get addicted to the anxiety.  You will never eliminate worrying, but you can understand that worrying is worthless.    Continue reading “Worrying”