This song was done in 1990’s and is just as legitimate today as it was back then.  Human trafficking is a 9 billion dollar industry in the United States alone.   It is a song about rape and human trafficking.  It is very dark and disturbing.   Just like Cobain, I have a hard time taking this world.  Most days I want to end it.  This song is very disturbing, just like this world.   This song was based on a real incident.  A man was convicted of raping a child 27 years earlier before he was paroled.  He abducted a 14 year old girl and repeatedly raped her and tortured her with a blow torch.   Continue reading “Polly”

Fix the Inner World


Everyone is trying to fix the outside world right now.  They believe that if they can make the world bend to their will they will feel better.  If one would just ask themselves why they do anything, they would find out it’s all about making themselves feel better.  Why do you set goals and achieve them?  Because it makes you feel good.  We are all trying to feel a state of abundance within.  All because this world tells us that we are not good enough.   Continue reading “Fix the Inner World”



The Meirothea comes from the Nag Hammadi texts.  These texts come from the 4th century AD, but some of the information that was recorded in the writings is from the 1st century AD.  The Gnostic text from the Nag Hammadi that refers to the Meirothea is called the Trimorphic Protennoia.  Meirothea is also mentioned in the Three Steles of Seth, Gospel of the Egyptians and Zostrianos.   Continue reading “Meirothea”

Cult of Personality


In this post I will let you into a section of my mind.  Careful where you go in there it is deep and dark.  You may not find your way out.  I am what muggles  see as an introvert and I have deep empathy for the world.  Muggles may think they have empathy, but what they really have is apathy. I am called an arrogant liar, but you can not refute me.   With all that is going on the people are going crazy with materialism.  All in the name of whatever political agenda they are following.  Come in and see what I see.  You just might learn something.   Continue reading “Cult of Personality”

The Garter

The garter is an article of clothing that women wear around their thigh.  It is said to keep up stockings.  A lot of men find it very enticing and attractive.  Do we know where this piece of clothing comes from or why women wear them in the first place.  Men have been known to wear garters in secret societies.  There is a Masonic Order called the Order of the Garter.  With the Masons being involved we need to head to Egypt to see where this sexy piece of clothing came from.   Continue reading “The Garter”

Birth of Truth?


There has never been much truth in this world.  All we have is weaponized information.  This pandemic has done to people what psychedelics usually do to someone when they take them.  It has magnified what was already there.  What the press, government and other institutions have done is start information warfare.  They are using the same playbook from history and that is they try to convince you that what you think is true about the world is the absolute truth.  They will never give you the truth.  They give you information to convince you that what you already believe to be true is true and it gives you validation for your thoughts.  They goes as far as to try to make you angry about the things you believe are true about the world.  They build a distorted picture of the world simply by picking and choosing pieces of half truths and putting them together for the group they want to stir up.   Continue reading “Birth of Truth?”

Setting Goals


Most people do not know how to properly set goals.  Their goals are all over the place and very vague.  They will have goals like to be rich, to be stronger, to be smarter, be the best I can be, to be confident, goto college, get a great job, etc.  All the things they reference to are to be better than they presently are.   In magic these goals are vague.  You need to be specific and go in steps.  Usually baby steps.   Continue reading “Setting Goals”

Embrace the Shift


When a major shift happens you can do one of two things, you can fight it or embrace it.  A major shift is a disruption and it forces a reaction.  We as humans are resilient.  We are not some fragile piece of glass.  Resilience is built right into our DNA.  We as a human race have bounce back from disruptions and major shifts several times in our history.  The press will have you believing we are fragile.  Because we are so resilient major shifts have brought on radical innovation.   Continue reading “Embrace the Shift”

Be Your Own Hero


Our mind is a pendulum.  It goes back and forth from the past to the future.  That is how your thoughts are.  Even as you are reading this your thoughts are thinking about something in the past or something in the future.  This is normal, but we need to train our mind to do that when we want it too.  Have you ever been at work or school and your mind is wandering and then snaps back into the present and you’re like “crap I don’t know what to do now”.  Happens to me all the time.  It’s important that you recognize that most of your thoughts are in the past and future.  This is just the human mind.  It’s very normal.   Continue reading “Be Your Own Hero”



School is not about learning.  It is about memorization.  School does not teach a person how to learn.  It just fills people’s minds with ideologies and beliefs.  Real learning is about making distinctions.  Ideology is the greatest obstacle to truth.  Ideology corrupts the world.  What is ideology?  I am going to challenge my readers to try not to be ideological about anything.  It is tough because everything can be ideological.   Continue reading “Ideology”

Confidence vs Arrogance


I get told all the time that I’m arrogant.   People don’t know the difference between arrogance and confidence.  They use these words interchangeably.  Most people think a confident person is arrogant.  They see arrogance as negative, so they don’t become a confident person.  There is a huge difference between someone being confident and someone being arrogant.  In this post I will show you the difference between confidence and arrogance. Continue reading “Confidence vs Arrogance”