Nine Things to Know When Starting Magic

Thinking about starting out in Magic?  I have been in Magic for about 15 years now and I thought I would write a post on things I wish I knew when I started.  The occult is a very strange place and hard to understand, but Magic is what attracts people to the occult.  If you are just starting out or looking to get into Magic, here are some things that might help.  These are critical for anyone who is starting out on the Magic path. Continue reading “Nine Things to Know When Starting Magic”

Conquering Your Gollum

I get questions like “Why do you share your knowledge?  What is in it for you?”  My answer to that is, “What is knowledge if no one else knows it or no one understands it?”  When I create my content I try to create it so everyone can understand.  I want to bring the world up with me.  That is what gives it meaning and context.  Me sitting alone in a room all quiet about what I know is just selfish.  When I discover new information, the first thing that comes to my mind is how can I share this with others.   Continue reading “Conquering Your Gollum”

Hungry Ghost


Hungry ghost is a concept in eastern traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and folklore.  In Sanskrit they are called Preta.  Hungry ghosts are supposed to occur from very unfortunate situations.  Like someone leading an evil life.  So here we have yet another form of punishment system to make people behave.  Another form of the Christian hell.  What is really going on here?  Stick around and you will see it all has to do with your time in this life.   Continue reading “Hungry Ghost”

You Deserve It


In an age of social justice, equality, oppression and people believing life is not fair because of the system, well you get the life you deserve.  Magic is all about personal responsibility.  For those who think they are practicing Magic and are saying things are not fair, then you don’t know Magic.  Magic 101, everyone gets the life they deserve.  I need to break this down so that everyone really understands what is meant by getting the life they deserve.   Continue reading “You Deserve It”


Nibiru is a supposed planet that will collide with Earth some day.  First it was predicted to hit the earth in 2003 and when it didn’t happen they said it was going to hit in 2012, where it was linked to the close of the Mayan calendar.  Why do we always want to forecast the end of the world?  Is Nibiru real? Where does the legend come from?  Time to bring this legend back down to earth or at least into our solar system.   Continue reading “Nibiru”


Freedom is essential for a prosperous society.  Freedom is what democracy is suppose to be built on.  We need freedom to generate the wealth that supports human life.  Freedom is needed to unleash the creativity to move civilization forward.  Freedom is also needed to promote the voluntary social cooperation that keeps a society peaceful and prosperous.  Wealth increases with freedom.  Poverty increases with the lack of freedom.   The world has become complacent about freedom.  Do we even know what makes freedom?   Continue reading “Freedom”



Almost everywhere you look in the ancient world the myths and legends have people who lived hundreds of years.  Some into the thousands.  Did these people live this long?  As we see today, it is so easy to just fake the numbers or mention something and people will just believe it.  Only a few will dig to actually find the truth.  Time to bring this myth back down to earth.   Continue reading “Longevity”


Jinn in folklore are Genies.  There is a lot of nonsense around the identities of Jinns.  Most people think Jinn is strictly an Islamic or Arabic concept.  This is wrong though they are a term from Ancient Egypt.  Most Jinns in bottles are usually female and most in lamps are usually male, but not all the time.   The bottle is a womb symbol and the lamp is a knowledge symbol.  The lamp of knowledge is used as a symbol for nursing.  Jinn means to hide or to conceal, so we are looking for something that is hidden.   Continue reading “Jinn”

Understanding Democracy

Democracy is taken for granted.  Especially in the west.  Democracy is about giving normal people some power in controlling their future, lives and society.  People can be involved in important decisions that shape their world.  People in the U.S.  think it has just been here and let it run on autopilot.  We look at other countries that don’t have democracies and try to enforce it on them.  We see dictators, tyrants and monarchs as bad.   Every wonder why autocracy is so prevalent in human history?  There are still many dictators, tyrants and single rulers around the world.  Why?  If it is so bad, why is it so popular?   Continue reading “Understanding Democracy”

Forces Controlling You


I have showed you in my Tree of Life post that you are the Tree of Life.  Trees of great stature have many irreplaceable roles in the world.  They support other plants and animals, they are wind breakers, they provide shelter and they prevent soil erosion.  What kind of tree do you identify with?  Are you a  Giant Redwood, a Mahogany, an Oak?  Or are you a Maple, Pine, Locust, Weeping Willow or Redbud?  What is your personality?  What is it you think you deserve out of life?  How do you effect the world?  How are you toward others?  However you are is what will sprout and start to branch off into your life.   Continue reading “Forces Controlling You”


Vow of poverty or poverty in ancient texts is misinterpreted and corrupted.   Why are all these text showing people as poor?  Do you have to be poor to be spiritual?   All these stories are stories meant for the masses, but they have occult messages hidden within.  The messages have been corrupted by societies and factions who have a self serving agenda. People translate this as needing to do self deprivation or living in poverty.  No ancient teacher ever told someone to become poor or self deprive to become enlightened.   Continue reading “Poverty”