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When most people hear about mummies and they immediately think of Egypt, but mummies have been found on every continent. All over the world we have yet another common practice that happened in every ancient culture. What knowledge about mummies has been lost? What were the ancients doing preserving people and then wrapping cloth over their bodies? To answer these questions and more you have to realize that the word death has been grossly misused on this planet. Continue reading “Mummies”

Pete’s Dragon


I have not done a movie in a while and this one is full of so much symbolism. People that have followed my work will know exactly what the Dragon symbolizes. This story puts a few different spins on what the dragon represents. Spoiler alert. If you have not seen this wonderful movie and plan on seeing it, don’t go any further. This movie is full of Disney occult magic. Continue reading “Pete’s Dragon”

Three Little Pigs

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The Three Little Pigs has been a favorite of children for quite some time. I admit it was favorite of mine growing up. As a kid I was taught that the moral of the story is to build a house out of bricks, so the wind can’t destroy it. As you will see, that is the interpretation for the masses. Just like most other fairy tales, this story has an occult meaning. Continue reading “Three Little Pigs”



The myth of Medusa is one of my favorites. When people try to translate this into a volcanic eruption, it’s a guess at best. The snake and serpent are all over the ancient world. The serpent has to do with wisdom and the snake is your thoughts. The snake represents wise thoughts because it moves in the same way as your thoughts, like a wave. Medusa symbolized a conscious, wise woman. Ancient Greece was an extreme patriarchy. In Ancient Greece an awake, wise, conscious woman was feared. She could stop a patriarchal mind(ego) in its tracks. Turn it to stone. The other piece to this myth is the reflection. The ancients believed when you looked at your reflection, you were seeing your consciousness, your higher self, your soul or your true self. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they look at themselves in the mirror. If…

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Plato’s Cave


I love the parable of Plato’s Cave. It shows just how long the controllers of this world have had a vice on our minds. Plato died in 348 BCE. If he was writing about it in his lifetime, it had to have been going on quite some time before that. He says that the people in this cave do not desire to leave their prison; for they know no better life. The people who are enlightened or have “woken up”, understand what this story is all about. Continue reading “Plato’s Cave”