How did Ivan interpret his wife’s dream?

What did Aksionov’s wife warn him about answer?

Aksionov’s wife had a bad dream about him. So she feared and tried to stop him from going to the fair. … Aksionov’s wife told him that she had a bad dream. She dreamt that Aksionov had returned from the town with grey hair.

What was Aksionov realization by the end of the story?

Expert Answers

Aksionov realizes that forgiveness is the path to peace. In the story, Aksionov suffers in prison for twenty-six years. Coincidentally, the man who is responsible for his unenviable situation ends up in the same prison as him.

What does Aksionov’s wife think that her dream about Aksionov’s GREY hair means in God Sees the Truth, But Waits?

His wife thinks that the dream about Aksionov’s grey hair means he is wise and righteous. His wife thinks that the dream about Aksionov’s grey hair means he will live a long and happy life.

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How does Aksionov undergo a spiritual transformation?

In “God Sees the Truth, But Waits” by Leo Tolstoy, religion plays a significant role in Aksionov’s life, and Aksionov undergoes a spiritual transformation in prison after being falsely arrested for the murder of another merchant. He realizes that only God can know the truth and turns to prayer for solace.

What bad habit did Aksionov have before his marriage?

Before he got married and settled down, Aksionov was something of an alcoholic. His drinking would often get him into trouble, as it would cause him to engage in riotous behavior.

Why did Aksionov’s wife faint?

As per the question, Aksionov’s wife faints because she saw her husband in the prison dress and wearing chains in hands like criminals. She could not bear the fact that her husband was shut in prison with other criminals and thieves as she knew him deeply. She knew that he would never do such thing.

What made Aksionov spend his life in jail answer?

Answer: Aksionov was imprisoned, since he was suspected for killing a merchant. The prison authorities liked him for his meekness. His fellow-prisoners respected and called him “Grandfather” and “The Saint.” He was the spokesman among the prisoners.

How did the prisoners treat Aksionov?

The other prisoners treat Aksionov with respect, as they recognize in his humility and piousness a kind of dignity in spite of the harsh conditions of the prison.

What is the short story God sees the truth but waits about answer?

Ans: This story was all about Aksionov who lost hope and just trusted God. Though he didn’t commit any crime, he was imprisoned for 26 years in the prison. Makar revealed the truth that he was the real murderer. Aksionov forgave him for accepting the truth and attained self-realization.

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Why did Aksionov give up sending petitions?

She informed me that her petition for clemency had been turned down. She asked him if he had done it. Realizing that his wife also suspected him, Aksionov gave up sending petitions to the Tsar.

Which symbols are used in the story God Sees the Truth, But Waits?

God Sees the Truth But Waits Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

  • Aksionov’s Grey Hair (Symbol) Before Aksionov departs for the fair, his wife tells him of a dream she had the previous night, in which he returned from the fair with grey hair. …
  • Bloody Knife (Symbol) …
  • The Lives of the Saints (Symbol)