How do you use African dream roots?

How do you make African Dream Tea root?

Either half a teaspoon is mixed with half a cup of water and drunk on an empty stomach, or a heaped tablespoon is mixed with half a liter of water, and the water is blended until a froth is formed. The froth is drunk before going to bed. The tea made out of African Dream Root has an ocher color.

Are African dream roots illegal?

Finally, the African dream root is not known to be illegal anywhere in the world but it is still your responsibility to check. With all this in mind, if you so wish to try this, we hope you enjoy your experience and that you obtain the desired results. Best of luck and sweet dreams!

How do I grow my dream roots?

This unique ground-dwelling herb is easy to grow and has drought tolerance, but generally requires good moisture and well-draining soil. It’s best to wait two years before harvesting the root of the plant for spiritual or medicinal use. When planting be sure to provide adequate room for root growth.

How do you take Ubulawu?

In the morning, first thing before food or liquids are consumed, the person churns the ubulawu (ideally in a quiet, undisturbed space where one can burn a candle and have objects of prayer and spiritual devotion) and one can typically pray to ones ancestral relatives, angels or whatever one believes in, to acknowledge …

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How does Calea Zacatechichi work?

Calea zacatechichi may reduce inflammation by inhibiting inflammatory chemicals made by the body. Calea zacatechichi seems to have an effect on sleep that may cause lengthening of shallow sleep patterns, increased dream remembrance, and increased sleep awakenings throughout the night.