Is Blue Dream good?

Is Blue Dream strong?

Blue Dream THC levels typically range in the high teens to low 20’s, so it is a reliably potent strain. Blue Dream is strong without being overpowering like more potent strains, making it a favorite among average consumers looking for a strain that won’t keep them from going about their day.

Is Blue Dream good for gaming?

If you need something to keep you engaged for a few hours of serious gaming, Blue Dream is perfect for you, producing a calm and manageable euphoria that’ll help you stay focused and relaxed for long periods of time.

What does Blue Dream feel like?

What does it feel like to walk around as if in a dream? Everything is surreal and nothing really matters. Blue Dream is a cannabis strain that brings on a gentle high and transports you to a completely different dimension. It stimulates a relaxed cerebral and full-body euphoric state.

Does Blue Dream make you laugh?

Blue Dream

This is one of those strains that will make you laugh uncontrollably in almost any situation and generally pute you in a positive state of mind. You’ll want to share this strain with friends as its blueberry flavor will have everyone in the sesh impressed.

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How long does a Blue Dream high last?

The effects are known to last anywhere between two and three hours, smoking around those timeframes should help prevent any feelings of couch lock. Blue Dream is one of those strains that connoisseurs can typically identify as soon as they see it.

What strain is best for gaming?


  • PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. Pineapple Express has long been popular in the gaming community. …
  • BLUE DREAM. Blue Dream consistently ranks as the most popular strain on the market. …

What is GMO strain?

GMO is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the infamous breed, Girl Scout Cookies, with the equally respected Chemdawg. … GMO also stands for a genetically modified organism, and this goes against the organic, natural ethos of many dispensaries and stoners.

Is Sour Diesel good for gaming?

Why is Sour Diesel your number one prefer strain for gaming? Aubrey: “Sour Diesel is my preferred strain for gaming because it the perfect sativa-leaning-hybrid to help you focus mentally, but has just enough percentage of indica to chill you physically.”

Will Blue Dream make me paranoid?

Side Effects of Blue Dream Cannabis

This strain is known for potentially giving users dry mouth and eyes. The high THC content in Blue Dream would make you think that users, especially inexperienced ones, need to worry about paranoia.

Is Blue Dream good for depression?

Many patients find the sativa effects of this strain well suited for working through periods of stress and depression. Because Blue Dream is so uplifting, it pulls you into a new headspace better suited for new patterns of thought.

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Does Blue Dream make sleepy?

With a sweet berry aroma hint of its Blueberry origin, Blue Dream ensures relief without inflicting heavy sedative effects.

What is Blue Dream CBD?

Blue Dream CBD is a CBD-heavy cultivar created by crossing Blue Dream with California Orange CBD. California-based Humboldt Seeds originated this variant of the very popular Blue Dream strain. The top reported aromas of Blue Dream CBD are sweet fruit, pungent spice, and earth.