Is Philza on the dream SMP?

Who is all in Dream’s SMP?

SMP members

Character Creator Date Joined
Jack Manifold JackManifoldTV August 3, 2020
Niki Nihachu August 6, 2020
Quackity Mexican Dream Quackity August 11, 2020
Karl Jacobs Karl Jacobs August 26, 2020

Is Tubbo Philza son?

So initially at the start of the Dream SMP Philza family consisted of his wife and his three canonical sons being Techno, Tommy and Wilbur. As well as Tubbo being the adopted. … So that means that Wilbur and Fundy are his only other canonical family in the storyline.

Who is the oldest on the Dream SMP?

Philza is actual the oldest person in the dream smp in the cannon and real life | Fandom.

Is Tubbo older than Tommy?

Tubbo is good friends with TommyInnit, another YouTuber and streamer who produces similar content and is about the same age as him, although, contrarily to popular belief, Tubbo is older than Tommy by 4 months. The pair became friends when they were both small Twitch streamers when Tommy raided Tubbo’s stream.

Is Tommy Philza’s son?

Philza has confirmed that Tommy is not his son in Dream SMP.

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