What do Biff and Happy dream of doing?

What do Biff and Happy dream about?

Biff and Happy, the two grown sons of Willy and Linda Loman, are visiting their parents and sleeping in their old bedroom. As they try to fall asleep, Biff shares with Happy his own version of the American Dream—owning a ranch out West.

What plan does Happy and Biff dream up?

Happy grabs Biff and tells him that they will go into business together, travel down to Florida, and make a fortune selling sporting goods. Happy also suggests that they open their own line of sports apparel called the Loman Line and put on several exhibitions to promote their company.

What is Biff Lomans dream?

Biff’s idea of the American Dream is to own a ranch out west and farm. He doesn’t want to follow his father’s path of trying to be a great salesman and (supposedly) end up rolling in easy money. To pursue his dream, Biff goes to ask his former employer, Mr. Oliver, for a loan.

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What does she tell Biff and Happy they should do?

After she responds to his pick-up line by claiming that she is, in fact, a cover girl, Happy tells her that he is a successful champagne salesman and that Biff is a famous football player.

Who is older Biff or happy?

Harold “Happy” Loman: Willy’s younger son. He has lived in the shadow of his older brother Biff most of his life and seems to be almost ignored, but he still tries to be supportive toward his family.

What is Happy’s dream?

Happy’s Accomplishments

The dream of success fails Happy. Though he possesses all the material adornments of success, he admits to feeling unfulfilled.

Why Are Happy and Biff both considered to be lost?

Biff and Happy are both “lost,” according to Arthur Miller. They are living at a time when white males have all the advantages and the country is prosperous after the end of World War II; yet they have no sense of direction, no ambition, no prospects.

Who is responsible for Willy’s death?

There really isn’t one person who is to blame for Willy’s death. There are a combination of factors that led Willy to kill himself. Willy was consumed with his own conception of the American dream; the play chronicles his sprialing downfall.

What is Happy’s idea?

So, really, Happy has no individual plan for his life, and no individual dreams. His goal is to fulfill his father’s dreams: “He had a good dream. It’s the only dream you can have — to come out number-one man.

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Why is Biff a failure?

Biff was supposed to be in business; the fact that he was well liked and popular in high school would ensure his success. Biff failed to fulfill Willy’s expectations, and that makes him a complete failure in his father’s eyes.

Is Biff Willy’s son?

Biff Loman

Willy’s thirty-four-year-old elder son. Biff led a charmed life in high school as a football star with scholarship prospects, good male friends, and fawning female admirers.

How old is happy?

In Fairy Tail, Happy is a six-year-old member of the magical Exceed race who possesses the ability to transform into a winged cat with white, feathered wings, and serves as a friend and partner of Natsu Dragneel.

Why is Linda angry at her sons?

She is most angry at her sons because she does not think they pay their father the proper respect. She wants above all else for Willy to be happy, and she does not want Biff (or Happy) to upset him with the truth. She prefers that they cater to Willy’s illusions of their success.

Why does Biff come home in the spring?

Biff comes home in the spring because this is the time of year when he begins to think that he isn’t accomplishing much by working on a farm. He is feeling lost and unsure of who he is and what he wants out of life. He thinks by coming home he can figure things out.