What does dream stand for?

Why is it called dream?

Dream in Old English referred to auditory or emotional sensations experienced while awake; it’s thanks to the influence of Old Norse that the word came to refer to the mental visions and sensations experienced during sleep instead.

What is the acronym for success?


Acronym Definition
SUCCESS Students Undertaking College Career Enhancing Study Skills
SUCCESS Synthesized UHF Computer Controlled Equipment Subsystem
SUCCESS Student Utilization of Computers in Curriculum for the Enhancement of Scholastic Skills
SUCCESS Subsonic Aircraft: Contrail & Cloud Effects Special Study

What is the full form of lover?

Love is not an acronym so it does not have any full form. Love is one of the most intense emotions that we experience as humans. It is a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection to pleasure. … Philautia: Self Love. Pragma: Committed, Married Love.

Do dreams last 7 seconds?

The length of a dream can vary; they may last for a few seconds, or approximately 20–30 minutes. … The average person has three to five dreams per night, and some may have up to seven; however, most dreams are immediately or quickly forgotten. Dreams tend to last longer as the night progresses.

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What are the 3 types of dreams?

3 Main Types of Dreams | Psychology

  • Type # 1. Dreaming is Passive Imagination:
  • Type # 2. Dream Illusions:
  • Type # 3. Dream-Hallucinations:

Why do we forget our dreams?

WE FORGET almost all dreams soon after waking up. Our forgetfulness is generally attributed to neurochemical conditions in the brain that occur during REM sleep, a phase of sleep characterized by rapid eye movements and dreaming. … The dreaming/reverie end involves some of the most creative and “far out” material.

Which is the closest synonym for the word SUCCESS?


  • accomplishment.
  • achievement.
  • advance.
  • benefit.
  • profit.
  • victory.
  • win.
  • gain.

What does the letters in life stand for?

Living Intentionally for Excellence (life leadership) LIFE. Learning in Informal and Formal Environments. LIFE.

What’s the opposite of SUCCESS?

What is the opposite of success?

failure capitulation
defeat bungle
bust loss
misfortune downfall
false step faux pas