What does the poet dream of while listening to the rain?

What did the poet dream of while listening to the rain?

while listening to the sound of the rain falling on the roof,the poet dreamt of several fancies. He was lost in recollecting his old memories. He dreamt of his mother who paid attention to her children before leaving them in the morning. The poet felt as if his mother was still looking at him in a loving manner.

What does the poet dream of in the poem I have a dream?

The poet says that he dreams of a world where no man will ever tease or discriminate against other men. The other men are no other but the Blacks. They will be treated like Whites. … In this stanza, the poet expresses his desire for freedom from discrimination, love and peace.

What happens in the poet’s dream?

Answer: The poet’s dream was lost, when a wall rose up high between him and his dream, blocking it by a dark shadow. The wall symbolizes difficulties and the discrimination that people who are black face in their lives.

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What is the dream of poet?

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Why does the poet call it the strangest dream?

Answer: Whenever the poet has a dream, he calls it ‘strangest’ because he dreams situations that are not realistic and rather, the opposite is the reality.

How does the rain affect the poet describe?

The rain creates an echo in his heart. It also brings thousand dreamy fancies alive to his mind. The poet listens to the patter caused by the sounds of the raindrops on the roof. At this moment the memory of his mother comes alive into his mind.

What is the message of the poem I Dream a World?

Themes. Throughout this poem, Hughes engages with themes of freedom and joy. The poet looks into the future and envisions a utopian version of his world. There, men and women do not battle against greed, avarice, or racism.

What is the theme of the poem Dream?

The theme of “Dreams” by Langston Hughes is about not giving up on what you want out of life. Hughes says to “Hold fast to dreams” and not let them go, for if you do, your life will be meaningless and unfulfilled. He shows this theme through his use of figures of speech.

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What message does the poet want to convey through the poem I Dream a World?

Answer: The poet wants to convey through the poem a message of love, peace, freedom and no racial discrimination among the people.

What does the mother do in poet’s Dream?

In his dream, the poet is reminded of his loving mother who used to tuck in the darling dreamers and sang them to sleep.

What are the metaphors in the poem dreams?

“Dreams” revolves around two major metaphors. The speaker compares life after the loss of dreams to “a broken-winged bird / That cannot fly” and “a barren field / Frozen with snow.” The first metaphor is bleak and the second even more so.

What thoughts appear in poet’s mind when it rains?

1) The thoughts and the memories of his mother flashed through the poet’s mind when it used to rain. 2) The poet remembered the way his mother tucked him to bed. He thought about the tenderness and love that she showed to him. Also, she used to tell him stories and made him sleep with her love and care.