What does White Day mean in Dream Variations?

What double meanings can you identify in the phrase white day and in the idea of the coming on of a night?

In “Dream Variations” what double meaning can you identify in the phrase “white day”? White people are dominant during this time, determine the day. Also white like the sun.

What is the meaning of the lines to whirl and to dance Till the white day is done from Hughes poem Dream Variations?

He writes, “To whirl and to dance / Till the white day is done. / Then rest at cool evening.” This is a poem about dreams, and whirling and dancing are powerful ideas in this poem because they express his desire to be free and express himself fully. … When he cries, “Dance! Whirl!

Why is the poem titled Dream Variations?

2 Answers. The poem by Langston Hughes, Dream Variation, has to do with the poet’s dream to live one way, but having reality dictate a different way of life (a variation) of the dream.

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What does the speaker want to do till the white day is done?

In “Dream Variations,” what does the speaker want to do till the “white” day is done? In the poem “Dream Variations,” the speaker asserts that he wants to dance and whirl before the “white” day is done. The poem revolves around the central theme of dreams.

What is the metaphor in Dream Variations?

The speaker’s “dreams” can be read as a metaphor for Black joy and Black survival: through his dancing, the speaker finds joy and freedom in spite of white society’s oppressive gaze, as well as a sense of belonging, safety, and shared identity in the Black community.

What is the tone in the poem Dream Variations by Langston Hughes?

Speaker and Tone

Langston Hughes is the speaker in this poem and presents the lyrics with a joyful tone.

What kind of poem is Dream Variations?

Langston Hughes’s “Dream Variations” has an irregular structure, but the irregularity works to accentuate the theme within the poem. Technically, the poem is free verse; there is no regular meter or rhyme scheme. Yet throughout, Hughes maintains a close proximity to more traditional patterns.

What is the mood of refugee in America?

Attitude: The poem has a very upbeat and joyful attitude that makes the reader proud to be an American. The speaker clearly places high values on freedom and explains that his liberty is very dear and sacred to him.

What is the structure of Dream Variations?

By conventional poetic standards, the structure of “Dream Variations” is simple: there are two rhyming lines (die/fly, go/snow); the first, second and fourth line of each stanza each have four syllables; there is no consistent rhythmic structure (no meter); and 26 of the 32 words are just one syllable.

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What is the theme of refugee in America?

The theme of the poem is the struggle of blacks to achieve equality in early twentieth century America. There existed a dual reality for blacks. They were free from the bondage of slavery, yet were not fully liberated from the effects of it due to Jim Crow laws and covert racism across America.

What makes the poet wish for a carefree life?

The poet’s wish

The poet wants to lead a joyful life with forward face and unreluctant soul. He wants neither to hurry to his goal nor move away from his goal. He does not want to mourn the things that he has lost.