What happens in Act 3 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

What happened in Act 3 Scene 1 Midsummer Night’s Dream?

When the ass-headed Bottom reenters the scene, the other men become terrified and run for their lives. Delighting in the mischief, Puck chases after them. … When she sees Bottom, the flower juice on her eyelids works its magic, and she falls deeply and instantly in love with the ass-headed weaver.

What is the climax in Act 3 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

The climax provided in Act 3 occurs when Bottom’s head is replaced with that of an ass, and the anointed lovers gather together, argue, and fall asleep. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is broken up into two subplots that have a scene in Act 3.

What happens at the end of Act 3 Scene 2 in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Hermia is livid that Lysander abandoned her while she was sleeping. Then she accuses Demetrius of killing her fiancé, which he doesn’t exactly deny, even though we know he hasn’t killed anyone. Hermia flips out and curses Demetrius.

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Who loves who in Act 3 Scene 2 Midsummer Night’s Dream?

The two men now begin to fight and argue over Helena, and each tries to get the other to settle for Hermia. As Demetrius and Lysander argue, Hermia enters. She demands to know why Lysander abandoned her. Lysander tells her it was love that made him leave; his love for Helena.

Why did Puck turn Bottom’s into a donkey?

Puck turns Bottom into a donkey because he likes playing pranks. Giving Bottom the head of an ass is entirely appropriate when one considers his name. In Bottom’s personality, he displays the stubbornness of a mule, which makes his transformation all the more appropriate.

What are the three main plots in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

The four main plots of A Midsummer Night’s Dream are the upcoming wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta, the confused relationships between the young lovers, the misadventures of the mechanicals, and the conflict between the fairies.

Where is the climax in Midsummer Night’s Dream?

The climax of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is act 3, scene 2, when the four lovers quarrel. This is the culmination of all of the tension and magical mix-ups.

What does Puck do at the end of Act 3?

Summary: Act III, scene iii

Puck squeezes the love potion onto Lysander’s eyelids, declaring that in the morning all will be well.

What is the central idea of Act 3 Scene 2 in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Summary and Analysis Act III: Scene 2. Encountering Oberon in another part of the forest, Puck explains the outcome of his experiments with the love potion. Oberon is pleased to learn that Titania has fallen in love with the monstrous Bottom and that Puck has also fixed the disdainful Athenian.

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Which Athenian falls in love with Helena in Act 3?

Demetrius awakes, falls in love with Helena, and also begins to woo her. Helena believes both men are mocking her. When Hermia arrives and learns that Lysander has abandoned her for Helena, she threatens Helena, who thinks that Hermia is part of the conspiracy.

Who does Helena love in Act 3?

Lysander follows soon after trying to pursue Helena. Demetrius then wakes up and falls in love with Helena, so that both men are telling her how much they love her. After having no one love her earlier in the play, Helena is outraged by this unexplainable change in their feelings.