What is the dream that Hermia awakens from and what happens once she’s awake?

What is the dream that Hermia awakens from?

Hermia suddenly wakes from a nightmare in which a serpent was eating her heart while Lysander stood by, smiling and doing nothing. When she discovers Lysander is gone, she is terrified, and goes to find him. Hermia dreams that a snake (a symbol of betrayal) steals her heart (symbol of love).

What does Hermia see when she wakes up?

145: Hermia wakes suddenly from a nightmare she had, crying out for Lysander to help her. She dreamt that a snake was eating her heart while Lysander sat by and watched, smiling.

What happens when Helena wakes up?

Helena loses Demetrius in the wood and trips over Lysander. When he wakes up, Helena is the first person he sees, so he instantly falls in love with her. Suddenly, he hates Hermia.

What does hermias dream mean?

In the final moments of Act II, just after a charmed Lysander leaves Hermia’s side to pursue Helena, Hermia awakens from a nightmare in which a serpent devoured her heart as Lysander stood by and watched. The symbolism of Hermia’s dream foreshadows Lysander’s betrayal.

What is ironic about Lysander’s last words to Hermia before he falls asleep?

So here’s the irony: Lysander loves Hermia, but she is going to marry Demetrius. The potion makes Lysander fall in love with Helena, who wants to marry Demetrius. Whew!

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How does Hermia end up alone in the woods?

What is Hermia’s decision? Hermia decides she loves Lysander and she will runaway with him in the woods.

What is Hermia’s punishment?

Therefore, Theseus tells Hermia that if she does not marry Demetrius, she will either face a lifetime shut up in a nunnery or the death penalty.

How does Hermia escape her fate?

Theseus agrees that Hermia should obey her father but offers her a third option: spending her life in a nunnery. Hermia has until the day of Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding to decide upon her fate. … He and Hermia can escape from Athens and its unjust laws by running away to his widowed aunt’s house.