When did Technoblade join Dream SMP?

What happened between Technoblade and Tommy?

Tommy was murdered by Technoblade after looking in his chests, obtaining his first death. He also met with WilburSoot and SootCharlie in Newfoundland. Tommy formed “Cumin Squad” and was later kicked from the group alliance by WilburSoot for his actions against cscoop and traves at their base in California.

Is Quackity a GeorgeNotFound?

Quackity was one of the members of SMPEarth. … Quackity often plays random games with other members of the Dream SMP. For example, he has played Roblox with BadBoyHalo, GeorgeNotFound, TommyInnit, Dream, Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, and Technoblade.

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