You asked: How does the dream stone work?

What does the dream stone do?

In the comics, the Dreamstone allows whoever wields it to see dreams, bring those dreams into reality, and reshape one’s own reality. And if the stone was destroyed in any way — as it essentially is when Lord inhabits it in the film — it would destroy all of existence by shredding the fabric of space-time.

Does the Dreamstone exist?

Well, we hope it’s not based on a true story because that would be horrific, but it looks like the myth around the Dreamstone is real. … Though it’s unclear if the Dreamstone itself is based on a Greek myth, it’s clear that it’s creator was inspired by one of the most devious (and terrifying) Greek gods.

What happens to the stone in ww84?

It turns out if you hold the stone and make a wish, it will grant it – but it takes something away from you in return. Diana wishes for more time with Steve and lo and behold, Steve is resurrected (sort of).

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