You asked: Who is the audience in a dream deferred?

Who is speaking in the poem dream deferred?

Langston Hughes, the speaker of the poem, expresses his concern over his deferred dreams as they relate to his many ruined goals. The dream may perish in six hypothetical ways, all of which are quite damaging to Hughes as the dreamer.

Who is the speaker referring to in the poem Harlem?

The speaker of “Harlem” is an African American who is frustrated with having his dreams postponed and who senses a growing tension in a society that prevents the dreams of a group of its citizens.

Who is Langston Hughes often compared to?

Langston Hughes is often compared to Walt Whitman; Hughes was influenced heavily by Walt Whitman, but Hughes’s portraits of America in his poetry are…

What happens to a deferred dream?

— Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat?

What are the possible outcomes of a deferred dream?

The possible outcomes for deferred dreams are incredible images which invoke the senses, particularly taste, smell and touch.

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What is Countee Cullen’s message in incident?

The theme of Cullen’s disturbing poem “Incident” is the effect of racism on youthful innocence. Cullen writes of himself as an eight-year-old boy in Baltimore riding along with his head and heart filled with glee. In other words, he’s innocently happy as most young boys of that age would be.

What dream is Hughes referring to?

The speaker does not refer to a specific dream. Rather, he (or she) suggests that African Americans cannot dream or aspire to great things because of the environment of oppression that surrounds them. Even if they do dare to dream – their grand plans will fester for so long that they end up rotting or even exploding.

What is the main message of Harlem?

The main themes in “Harlem” are civil rights, the American dream, and anger. Civil rights: “Harlem” mourns the hopes and dreams that Black Americans have had to sacrifice because of racism and discrimination.

How does the Speaker of Harlem feel?

The speaker in “Harlem,” a Black person, feels anger and despair over the constant delay in expanding the American Dream of prosperity to the Black community. The tone is bitter.

What is an example of a dream deferred?

Literary Element Examples in “A Dream Deferred”

Consonance The repetition of similar consonant sounds at the ends of words “Or crust and sugar over–”
Simile A comparison using ‘like’ or ‘as’ “Maybe it just sags / Like a heavy load.”

What is the mood of a dream deferred?

The mood of “A Dream Deferred” is inquisitive, but slightly cynical. The speaker describes his uncertainty towards the future and the way the dream could play out.

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What is a deferred dream What does the speaker mean by Dream?

Possible answer: A dream deferred is one that remains unrealized. In this case, the speaker may mean the promise of social equality.