Quick Answer: What does the name Meelo mean?

What does the name leyre mean?

The name Leyre is a girl’s name. Leyre is an important name in Navarre, Spain, as it is both the name of a mountain and an ancient monastery. It is derived from the Basque Leire, of uncertain origins.

What does the name Nazrin mean?

Nazrin is Arabic/Muslim Girl name and meaning of this name is “A Wild Blue Flower”.

Is Nasreen a male or female?

“nisriyn/ nisrīn”; Nesrin, or Nasreen; Persian: نسرين‎) is a feminine given name in Persian, meaning “wild rose” in Persian.

What is the meaning of Nasreen in Arabic?

Nasreen is a Muslim Girl Name. Nasreen name meaning is White Rose. … The name is originated from Arabic. The lucky number of Nasreen name is 1.

What does nazreen mean in Urdu?

The Urdu Word ناظرین Meaning in English is Viewers. The other similar words are Nazreen. The synonyms of Viewers include are Attestant, Attestor, Beholder, Bystander, Corroborator, Deponent, Eyewitness, Observer, Onlooker, Seer, Signatory, Signer, Spectator, Testifier, Testimony, Watcher, Proof and Rubbernecker.

Is Nasreen Pakistani?

Fauzia Nasreen (born 6 December 1950) is a Pakistani diplomat and teacher. Nasreen entered the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1973. She was posted to the Pakistani embassies in Iran, Malaysia, the Philippines and Italy and rose to be her country’s ambassador to Nepal, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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