What does name Miranda mean?

Is Miranda a biblical name?

Is Miranda a biblical name? Miranda is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Latin. Miranda name meanings is Admirable. Other similar sounding names can be Marinda.

Is Miranda a good name?

Miranda Origin and Meaning

Miranda, a shimmeringly lovely, poetic name that was invented by Shakespeare for the beautiful and admirable young heroine of his play, The Tempest, is still a recommended choice even though its popularity peaked in the 1990’s, partially as an antidote to Amanda.

What does Miranda mean in Greek?

The name Miranda is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means Admirable. … It is derived from the Latin name/word “mirandus” meaning “Admirable and Wonderful.”

How popular is the name Miranda?


Miranda (feminine)
Year Rank Percent Used
2020 #542 0.031
2019 #445 0.038
2018 #366 0.046

Is Miranda a unisex name?

Miranda is a feminine given name of Latin origin, meaning “worthy of admiration”.

Is Miranda a first name?

Miranda is a Latin word meaning “to be wondered at” (from the verb miror, to wonder at or to admire). It has been in use in England and America as a female personal name since the early seventeenth century. Its first use as a girl’s name is due to Shakespeare, in The Tempest (1611).

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What does Miranda mean spiritually?

Derived from Latin mirandus meaning “admirable, wonderful“.

What does Miranda mean in French?

Miranda is French Girl name and meaning of this name is “Admirable, Wonderful“.

Is Randi short for Miranda?

Randi is both a given name, and a nickname in the English language, popular in North America and Norway. It is primarily a feminine name, although there is recorded usage of the name by men. It may have originated as a pet form of Miranda or as a feminine form of Randy.

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