What does the name arlet mean?

What does the name arlet mean in Spanish?

Spanish variant of French Arlette. “noble, honor

Is arlet a German name?

Last name: Arlet

This ancient and distinguished surname, recorded in over fifty spellings, is usually of Olde German and Anglo-Saxon origins. It derives from a baptismal compound personal name Ernault or Arnolt, of which the elements are “arn”, meaning an eagle, and “wald”, to rule.

Is Arlette a popular name?

Arlette Origin and Meaning

It peaked in France in the mid-1930s, but you might be surprised to learn that in the US, it’s only just beginning to catch on now. It entered the US Top 1000 for the first time in 2018, at #892.

What does the name Arlette mean in Hebrew?

Meaning: Lion Of God.

Is arlet male or female name?

The name Arlet is primarily a female name of Indian origin that means East Indian Spice.

Where does the name Ackerman come from?

Ackerman Name Meaning

Dutch: occupational name from akkerman ‘plowman’; a frequent name in New Netherland in the 17th century. Later, it probably absorbed some cases of the cognate German and Swedish names, Ackermann and Åkerman respectively.

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Is Arlette a biblical name?

Arlette is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Anglo-Saxon. Arlette name meanings is A form of arlene, meaning pledge.

What does Arlette mean in French?

SHARE. The French variation of an ancient Germanic name meaning “noble honor.” Get this kid into Scouts, ’cause if she lives up to that meaning, she’ll be earning those badges like nobody’s business.

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How do you pronounce the name Arlette?

The name Arlette can pronounced as “Ar-LET” in text or letters. Arlette is bay girl name, main origion is Anglo-Saxon. English meanings of Arlette is “A form of arlene, meaning pledge” and popular in Christian religion.