What does the name George mean in the Bible?

Is there a George in the Bible?

George is venerated by some Christians and Muslims because of his composite personality combining several Biblical, Quranic and other ancient mythical heroes. In some sources he is identified with Elijah or Mar Elis, George or Mar Jirjus and in others as al-Khidr.

What does the name George mean spiritually?

In Greek the meaning of the name George is: From ‘georgos’ meaning tiller of the soil, or farmer. Famous bearer: St George, patron saint of England, who struggled with a fire breathing dragon symbolizing the devil.

Is George a good name?

The name “George” is Greek in origin — Georgios, from georgos, which means “a tiller of the soil” or “a farmer,” the site says. That’s a good, modest name for a boy born from not so modest means. And despite its falling out of favour in North America, it’s still quite a common name for modern children in Britain.

What does George mean in Irish?

George in Irish is Seoirse.

What ethnicity is the name George?

George is a surname of Irish, English, Welsh, South Indian Christian, Middle Eastern Christian (usually Lebanese), French, or Native American origin. The German form is Georg.

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When did St George slay the dragon?

But in all versions, St George’s determination to keep his faith resulted in the Christian conversion of others. Following his decapitation in AD 303, George was hailed as a hero and a saint across the Christian faith, but it would be another 900 years before any dragons got involved.

What is George in Hebrew?

Hebrew Translation. ג ‘ורג’

What is the etymology of the name George?

masc. personal name, from French Georges, Late Latin Georgius, from Greek Georgos “husbandman, farmer,” properly an adjective, “tilling the ground,” from gē “earth” (see Gaia) + -ergos “that works,” from ergon “work” (from PIE root *werg- “to do”).

How common a name is George?


George (masculine)
Year Rank Percent Used
2020 #133 0.150
2019 #119 0.167
2018 #127 0.159

Is Joe short for George?

One suggestion is that U.S. soldiers in World War I called a serving of instant coffee made by the G. Washington Coffee Refining Co. as a “cup of George.” It is thought that the common abbreviation of the name George, which is “Geo.,” was pronounced “Joe.”

Do girls like the name George?

George. The British prince has certainly sparked a spike for this boys’ classic. But in the late-1800s, it was the 350th most popular name for girls. (It was actually far more popular than more feminine-sounding derivatives like Georgette or Georgina at the time.)