What does the name Kalani mean in English?

What does Kalani mean in the Bible?

What is the meaning of Kalani ? Kalani is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Hawaiian. Kalani name meanings is Of the heavens.

How popular is the name Kalani?

Kalani Name Popularity

Year Rank % Births
2017 529 0.0368%
2018 547 0.0357%
2019 440 0.0471%
2020 388 0.0591%

Is Kalani a real name?

The name Kalani is primarily a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin that means The Heavens.

What does Kalani mean in Samoan?

Many Samoan and other Polynesian names can also be quite long: That’s because they are often a combination of several words written as one. Kalani, a common Hawaiian name, or part of a Hawaiian name, literally means ‘the’ + ‘heaven’ (which is sometimes a synonym for royalty) = “The Heaven” or “heavenly one.”

Is Kalani a black name?

Kalani is a Hawaiian unisex name.

What does Kai mean?

In Hawaiian culture, it means “sea.” In Japanese culture, “shell.” In Europe, Kai is perceived as having Frisian roots, a short form of the name Kaimbe, meaning “warrior.”1 Kai is also considered to have Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek roots; its meaning is “keeper of the keys; earth.” African, Chinese, Korean, Native …

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What does O Kalani mean in Hawaiian?

The name Okalani is primarily a female name of Hawaiian origin that means Of The Heavens, From Heaven.

What are ways to spell Kalani?


  • Origin: Hawaiian.
  • Meaning: Sea and sky, chief.
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kalanie, Kala, Kalan.
  • Famous Namesakes: Kalani Hilliker, dancer; Kalani Chapman, surfer; Kalani Prince, Hawaiian YouTuber.

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Is Kailani a boy name?

The name Kailani is primarily a female name of Hawaiian origin that means Sea And Sky.

What nationality is the surname Kalani?

Meaning & History

Means “the heavens” from Hawaiian ka “the” and lani “heaven, sky, royal, majesty”.

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