What does the name Kenan mean in Hebrew?

What is the Hebrew meaning of the name Kenan?

k(e)-nan. Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:2846. Meaning:acquire.

What does the name Kenan mean?

The name Kenan is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin that means To Take Posession.

Is the name Keenan in the Bible?

According to Genesis 5:9-14, Kenan was a son of Enosh and a grandson of Seth. Born when Enosh was ninety years old, Kenan fathered Mahalalel when he was seventy. Other sons and daughters were born to Kenan before he died at 910 years of age.

What does the name mahalalel mean in Hebrew?

Mahalalel was a patriarch named in the Hebrew Bible. … The meaning of the name could be translated as “the shining one of El.

What does Cainan mean in Hebrew?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Cainan is: Possessor, purchaser.

What does the name Methuselah mean in Hebrew?

Methuselah (US: /məˈθuːzˌlɑː/) (Hebrew: מְתוּשֶׁלַח‎ Məṯūšélaḥ, in pausa מְתוּשָׁלַח‎ Məṯūšālaḥ, “Man of the javelin” or “Death of Sword“; Greek: Μαθουσάλας Mathousalas) was a biblical patriarch and a figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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What does Jared mean in Hebrew?

Jared is a traditionally masculine name with Hebrew roots. It comes from יָרֶד (Yared) or יֶרֶד (Yered) meaning “descent” but has also been suggested to mean “ruling,” “commanding,” or even, oddly enough, “rose.”

How common is the name Kenan?

How Common Is The Last Name Keenan? The surname is the 10,199th most frequently used surname internationally, held by around 1 in 131,975 people.

Where is Kenan found in the Bible?

Kenan (also spelled Qenan or Kaïnan, as found in Luke 3:36, 37), Hebrew: קֵינָן, Modern Qeinan Tiberian Qênān ; “possession; smith”, or Cainan, was a Biblical patriarch first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible Book of Genesis as living before the Great Flood.

How do you say Kenan?

Phonetic spelling of kenan

  1. k-EH-n-uh-n.
  2. Ke-nan.
  3. ke-nan. Katlyn Labadie.

What kind of name is Keenan?

The name Keenan is primarily a male name of Irish origin that means Descendant Of The Fair Child.

Is Kanan a name in the Bible?

Even if it is not an Israelite name, Kanan—that is, Canaan—is undeniably a biblical Hebrew word. The toponym Canaan is probably derived from the Hebrew word meaning “merchant” or “trader,” a reference to the trading and shipping practices of the Phoenicians in and around the land of Canaan (Brown et al., 488ff).