What does the name Leeloo mean?

What is the origin of the name Lilou Hebrew?

The name Lilou is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “lily”. Lilou is a charming, rarely heard import. Occitan is a language spoken in Provence, in the south of France, in which the suffix “ou” denotes a pet form — thus, Lilou as a short form of Liliane or its Occitan form Liliana or Liliano.

What does the name Arien mean?

The name Arien is primarily a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin that means Enchanted.

What does the name Hazelle mean?

The name Hazelle is primarily a female name of English origin that means The Hazel Tree.

Is Lelo a boy or girl name?

Lelo – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What is Lilou a nickname for?

It was not registered as a formal name in France prior to 1997, when 19 girls named Lilou, nine girls named Leeloo and four girls named Leelou were registered. The spelling Lylou is also used.


Related names Leeloo, Leelou, Lylou, Liló, Liliane, Lili, Lillie, Lily, Lilu

Does Iris mean rainbow?

Iris, in Greek mythology, the personification of the rainbow and (in Homer’s Iliad, for example) a messenger of the gods. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, she was the daughter of Thaumas and the ocean nymph Electra.

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What name means dreams?

Unisex Names That Mean Dream

  • 1)Amets (Basque Origin): this can be used whether you are having a girl or boy. …
  • 2)Ash or Ashling (English Origin): these can be for any gender. …
  • 3)GuifiI (Chamoru Origin): has the meaning ‘dream’ and it is unisex.
  • 4)Roya (Persian Origin): can be for a girl or boy.

What does Arien mean in Greek?

a-rien. Origin:Greek. Popularity:8239. Meaning:a Greek poet or musician.

What does the root Arian mean?

The root word -arian comes originally from Latin words ending in –arius. It is usually used to form adjectives and corresponding nouns. It is used to represent a particular characteristic of a person, which could be his profession, his thought process etc. It means “a person who.”

What does Lelo mean in Spanish?

lelo, (insensatoestúpidoboboabsurdomemoimprudente) stupid, Adj. dumb, Adj. foolish, Adj.

Does Lilo mean lost?

The name “Lilo” means “Generous One” and its origin is Hawaiian. It can also be interpreted as “Lost” and this would give the song title “He Mele No Lilo” a loose translation as “Lullaby of the Lost”.