What does the name lonwabo mean?

What does mahlubandile mean?


The name Mahlubandile is like no other name you have heard before. Its literal meaning is ‘the clan has increased‘.

What does Lithalethu mean?

Lithalethu: Our light. Lumko: Carefulness/wisdom. Lingomso: Tomorrow/ the future.

What do Xhosa names mean?

In African Baby Names the meaning of the name Xhosa is: Sweet.

What is the meaning of Mafungwashe?

The term means eldest sister; the sister by whom the brothers swear.

What does the my name mean?

The name My is primarily a female name of Scandinavian origin that means Form Of Mary.

What is the African name for beautiful?

Zuri. An African-Swahili origin name that means ‘beautiful. ‘

What is your name in Xhosa?

Xhosa Words & Phrasebook

Phrase list
What is your name? Ngubani igama lakho?
My name is ______ Igama lam ngu ______
Nice to meet you Ndiyavuya ukukwazi

What is Inkosana?

1. ‘Little master‘; a title or respectful form of address to a boy or young man perceived to be of superior status; occasionally used with a first name. See also inkosi. 1913 J.J. Doke Secret City 202’Inkosana,’ he said, looking me full in the face..’Lumkile is not a witch-doctor trained to live by deception’.

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What is last born in Zulu?

Today’s isiZulu word is uthumbu. Uthumbu is the last-born child. This word is not to be confused with ithumbu – intestine/tube/pipe/hose.