What does the name Mirren mean?

How common is the name Mirren?

The last name Mirren is the 1,710,039th most frequent last name throughout the world, held by approximately 1 in 63,925,841 people. The surname is primarily found in Europe, where 66 percent of Mirren are found; 54 percent are found in Northern Europe and 54 percent are found in British Isles.

Is Mirren a boy or girl name?

The name Mirren is a girl’s name of Gaelic, Scottish, Irish origin meaning “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved”.

What kind of name is Mirren?

The name Mirren is primarily a female name of Scottish origin that means Beloved. Possibly a Scottish diminutive of Marion/Miryam.

Is Mirren an Irish name?

Mirren – An Anglicised form of the Old Irish Muirenn, either from muir “sea” and fionn “white, fair,” or cognate with the Welsh morwyn “maiden.” It ranked #95 in 2011 with Mirrin, Miren, Mirran, Mirryn, Mirin and Mirrun used occasionally as alternate spellings.

Where does the name Murren come from?

Early Origins of the Murren family

The surname Murren was first found in Moray, where the Clan founder, Freskin, received a grant of the lands of Strathbrock in 1100 AD. He was descended from the first Earl, and his grandson, William, married the heiress of the Bothwell Clan in Lanarkshire.

What does the name Cadence?

Meaning. “rhythm, flow” Region of origin. United States. Cadence is a unisex given name derived from an English word meaning “rhythm, flow.” It has risen in popularity in the United States, where it ranked at No.

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