What does the name Tawana mean?

What does the name Tawana stand for?

The name Tawana is primarily a female name of Persian origin that means Able, Robust.

What does Tawana mean in Hebrew?

The meaning of the name “Tawana” is: “Created”.

What is a Tawana in English?

Bad, Contaminated, Dirty, Impure, Indecent, Unhealthy, Unwholesome, Tawana Meaning from Urdu to English is Wholesome, and in Urdu it is written as توانا. This word is written in Roman Urdu.

How do you spell a girl’s name Tawana?

Tawana ta-wana, tawa-na as a girl’s name is a variant of ta- (american). see for meaning of tawana. the baby name tawana sounds like tawna, dawna, dayana, dwana, tanaya, tanaia, tawnya, tana, taina, tahna, tawny, tawnia, tawni, teana, thana and tyana.

What country is Tawana in?

Tawana (11,005) may also be a first name.

Tawana Surname Distribution Map.

Place Botswana
Incidence 734
Frequency 1:2,979
Rank in Area 388
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