What does the name Yuichiro mean?

Is Yuichiro Japanese?

Yuichiro Nagai (永井 雄一郎, born 1979), Japanese footballer. Yuichiro Nagashima (長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎, born 1984), Japanese kickboxer. Yūichirō Okano (岡野 祐一郎, born 1994), Japanese baseball player.


Word/name Japanese
Meaning Different meanings depending on the kanji used

Is Yuichiro a girl or boy?

Yuichiro was a short young boy with long, straight hair of a dark black color that fades to pale turquoise the closer to his waist it goes.

What does the name Yomiko mean?

The name Yumiko is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Child, Bow And Arrow, Beautiful.

Is Mikaela Hyakuya a girl?


My Rating
Race Human (Catastrophe, Vampire Michaela: Book 1) Vampire (Vampire Reign) Michaela Seraph
Gender Male
Age 8 (Catastrophe, Vampire Reign Chapter 1) 12 (Vampire Michaela, Vampire Reign Chapter 1) 16 (Chapter 3)
Height 173 cm (5’8″)

Is Yuu a demon?

8 What Happens At The End Of The Anime

However, after a three month time skip in the manga, it is shown that Yuu has turned into a demon and his shackled by his friends in order to control him. Asuramaru is shown to have complete control over his body.

How old is Zenitsu?

At the moment, roughly 66 of the 205 chapters have been adapted by the anime, so fans have a lot of awesomeness to look forward to.

Demon Slayer Statistics Chart.

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Character Zenitsu Agatsuma
Age 16
Birthday September 3rd
Height 5’5″ / 164.5 cm

What does Ichigo’s last name mean?

Ichigo is the Japanese word for strawberry, but the name can also mean “one/best guardian” as a male name from ichi “one” and go “guardian.” Also the. Japanese word for “strawberry” which would be the feminine form.

What is Ichigo in Japanese?

Ichigo is the Japanese word for strawberry (苺).