What is the meaning of my name Yolanda?

What is the meaning of Yolanda in the Bible?

Yolanda is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Greek. Yolanda name meanings is Resembling the violet flower. Other similar sounding names can be Yolonda, Yolande.

How old is the name Yolanda?

Meaning & History

This name was borne by a 12th-century empress of the Latin Empire in Constantinople, who was originally from Flanders. It was also used by her descendants in the royal families of Hungary (spelled Jolánta) and Spain (sometimes spelled Violante).

Is Yolanda a flower?

More info about the name “Yolanda”

Yolanda is ultimately derived from Violet. Violet originates in Latin language and is derived from the name of a popular purple flower, from whose name the color was also derived. … Yolanda used to be a popular name among royalty, nowadays it is rather rare in the U.S.

What does Yolande mean in Hebrew?

Yolande name meanings is Violet. Other similar sounding names can be Yolonda.

What does Yolanda mean spiritually?

Based on numerology value 9, Yolanda is Success oriented, inventive, influential, tolerant, friendly, spiritual, creative, expressive, humanitarian, helpful, Self-sacrificing, Idealistic, Giving, Altruist, Devoted and Romantic.Below is some points about the name Yolanda based on numerology value – Qualities.

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Is Yolanda a Mexican name?

The name Yolanda is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Violet Flower.

What is Yolanda in English?

Yolanda is a women’s name, but it has Greek and a Spanish origin. It means violet or violet flower.

Does Yolanda mean violet?

Yolanda is a female given name, of Greek origin, meaning Violet. The form of the name in Greek is Iolanthe.

What does Violet name mean?

Violet is a lovely name that evokes the beauty, grace, and power of nature. It’s an English name of Latin origin that means purple. It also represents violet (and other purple) flowers. Violet is derived from “viola,” which means purple in Latin.

What is a Yola?

Filters. (US, slang, California) Cocaine. noun.

What does Yvonne mean?

Yvonne [Žavon][ivona] is a female given name. It is the feminine form of Yvon, which is derived from the French name Yves. It is from the French word iv, meaning “yew” (or tree). Since yew wood was used for bows, Ivo may have been an occupational name meaning “archer”. Yvonne/Ivonne is also a Spanish girl name.