What is the meaning of the name Bayley?

What does the name Shellie mean?

▼ as a name for girls is a Hebrew and Old English name, and Shellie means “ewe, female sheep; sloped meadow”. Shellie is a variant form of Rachel (Hebrew). Biblical: Jacob’s wife.

What is the spiritual meaning of Shellie?

Shellie name meanings is Meadow on the ledge.

What is Shellie a nickname for?

As with many other names (Courtney, Ashley, etc.), Shelley is today a name given almost exclusively to girls after historically being male. It is commonly used as a nickname for Michelle (and formerly as a variant of Shirley).

What is a nickname for Bailey?

There are quite a few nickname options for Bailey, from affectionate terms such as “Bae” and “Bay” to “Lee”, “Ley” or even “Ali”. Bailee, Baileigh and Bayley are all variants of the name with alternative spellings or Bail offers a shortened version. Billy is a more common, but similar sounding, name.

Is Bailey Irish or English?

Bailey is an occupational surname of English and especially Irish origin, it originated from the Normans.

What is the Bailey family crest?

The origins of this family are unknown, but whether Scottish, English or Irish, the predominate shield of the Bailey family is the azure shield with nine stars (some variations in the shape of the stars) but the crest of the Scottish clan is a boars head.

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Is Shelly a name?

▼ as a name for girls (also used as boys’ name Shelly) is a Hebrew and Old English name, and the name Shelly means “ewe, female sheep; little rock; rest; sloped meadow”. Shelly is an alternate form of Rachel (Hebrew). Biblical: Jacob’s wife. Shelly is also a variation of Rochelle (French, Old German).

How old is the name Shelly?

The history of the Shelly family name begins after the Norman Conquest of 1066. They lived in Sussex having derived from the Old English word shelf, meaning a wooded clearing on a ledge or plateau, and indicates that the original bearer lived near such a landmark.

What does Shelley mean in Hebrew?

Hebrew : Little lamb, ewe; one with purity. English : From the ledge meadow; a variation of Michelle.

Is Shelly an Irish name?

The surname Shelley was first found in Cork (Irish: Corcaigh) the ancient Kingdom of Deis Muin (Desmond), located on the southwest coast of Ireland in the province of Munster, where they held a family seat as an offshoot of the Cahills, being directly descended from Tomhas na Sealbuide, or Thomas of the Seals.