What is the meaning of the name Mwangi?

What does Mwangi mean in Swahili?

Mwangi and Irungu are also ruling generation names. Dr. Muriuki (A history of the Kikuyu- 1500 to 1900) gives the meaning of “Maina”, a generation set, as being derived from “kuina”, to sing or dance. “Mwangi”, another generation set is derived from “kwanga”, which he states is “rapid expansion.” 95.

Where does the name Mwangi originate?

Mwangi is a name of Kenyan origin that may refer to: Barnabas Muturi Mwangi, Kenyan politician and Member of the National Assembly for Sisi Kwa Sisi.

What does Kimani mean in Swahili?

What is the meaning of the name Kimani? Meaning of Kimani: Name Kimani in the African origin, means Kimani means One who is Beautiful and Sweet.

What does Waweru mean?

Waweru is a Kenyan name given to baby boys of the Kikuyu tribe in the Mount Kenya region.

What does Maina mean?

The name Maina is primarily a female name of Indian origin that means Messnger Of God.

What does ngure mean?

Ngure – Detailed Meaning. Your name of Ngure makes you clever, quick minded, and ambitious with good business sense.

Who is Gerald Mwangi net worth?

Yes, the famous American business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist- Gerald Mwangi. He successfully made his family as Kenya’s most wealthy one, who owns a net worth of $170 million.

Basic Information.

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Real Name Gerald Nijuguna Mwangi
Net Worth $170 million
Nationality Kenyan
Relationship Status Married

What does Kimani mean in the Bible?

(Kimani Pronunciations)

(in ex. )- son of a great warrior,honest man, man of integrity, hard worker, strong one.

Is Kimani a unisex name?

Kamari is new to the 21st century among English speakers and used mainly within the African-American community in the United States. The name is primarily bestowed on baby boys, but occasionally it’s given to girls (although not enough to remain on the popularity charts).