What name means justice?

What is justice name?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Justice is: Just; upright; righteous. Form of New Testament Biblical name Justus.

What female name means justice?

Girls names meaning justice

  • Adl – Justice reigns.
  • Euridice – The Greek word for justice.
  • Justice – Fairness.
  • Marjo – One who desires the truth.
  • Prama – Intellectual and loves justice.
  • Ritika – Brings justice.
  • Astraia – Goddess of justice.
  • Aibueku – Benin word for justice.

Is justice a good name for a girl?

The name Justice is a girl’s name of French, Latin origin. Justice is a fashionable word name, used for both girls and boys. Justice has the distinction of being a virtue name without the religious implications of Faith or Grace.

Is justice a unisex name?

The name Justice is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Doing Right By The Law.

Is justice a first name?

Justice is a given name. Notable people with the name include: Justice Samuel Adjei, Ghanaian politician.

Is Alice a girl’s name?

Alice (name)

Gender Female
Language(s) Old French
Meaning Of nobility
Other names
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What girl name means warrior?

Girls’ Baby Names That Mean Warrior

  • Aife (Irish), meaning “great warrior woman of myth”
  • Alessia (Greek), meaning “defender” and “warrior”
  • Alvara (German), meaning “army of elves” or “warrior elves”
  • Andra (Greek), meaning “strong and courageous warrior”
  • Clovis (Germanic), meaning “famous warrior”

What name means love for a girl?

Girl Names That Mean Love for the Littlest Love In Your Life

Carina Beloved Latin
Demanda Fit to be loved, lovable Latin
Dione “Love and beauty,” in allusion to a Greek name of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. English
Doda Well loved Hebrew
Dodi Well loved; gift Hebrew

What’s the rarest Japanese name?

Kiyoko is the rarest name on this list. It roughly translates to “pure child,” but can have different meanings depending on which Kanji characters parents choose.

What is the prettiest Japanese name?

Beautiful Japanese Baby Names

  • Aika – This cute girls name means “love song”.
  • Aimi – Japanese name meaning “love, beauty”.
  • Aina – Japanese name meaning “beautiful eyed woman”.
  • Akemi – This Japanese name means “bright beautiful”. …
  • Anzu – Japanese name meaning “sweet child”.
  • Asami – Japanese name meaning “morning beauty”.

What is the Japanese name for Moon?

Tsuki (Japanese origin) means “moon or lunar”.

Why do people name their kids justice?

An English name, this one means “just, fair, righteous” so you can take comfort in knowing that your Justice will never cheat on a test. You may even have the next Supreme Court justice on your hands, because your kid won’t be afraid to say, “I dissent.”

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Is the name justice popular?

Justice, one of the rare virtue names for boys, entered the popularity ranks in 1992, and has remained on the list ever since. Parents’ search for names implying virtue has led to a mini-revival of this long-neglected name in both its German homonymic form, Justus, and as the word itself.

Can you name your child justice?

If you want to call your newborn child Minister, Saint, VI or V8, then you are out of luck. Of the 311 names rejected, “Justice” was the most often rejected. … Sixty-two parents tried to name their baby “Justice”, while two tried for “Justus” and one for “Juztice”.