You asked: What does the name Danielle mean for a girl?

What does the name Danielle mean in French?

In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Danielle is: meaning God has judged, or God is judge.

Is the name Danielle French?

Origin of Danielle

Danielle is a French feminine variant of the masculine biblical name Daniel, but is as well very popular in English speaking countries.

Is it Danielle or Daniella?

Daniella (with two “L”s) tends to be the preferred spelling among English speaking nations, while the Spanish and Italians use Daniela, and the French use the two-syllable Danielle.

Where does the name Danielle?

The name Danielle is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means God Is My Judge.

What are the most unique girl names?

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What are nicknames for Danielle?


  • Nicknames: Danny, Danni, Dannie, Elle.
  • Famous people named Danielle: Model, dancer, and NFL cheerleader Danielle Gamba; actresses Danielle Harris, Danielle Panabaker, and Danielle Campbell; author Danielle Steel.
  • Fun fact: Other variants include Daniella, Daniela, Dannielle, and Daniele.
  • More Inspiration:

Why is Danielle so mean?

Danielle is the Latin female variant of the male name Daniel, meaning “God is my judge” in the hebrew language.


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Meaning “God is my judge”
Other names
Related names Daniel, Daniela, Daniella, Danniela, Danijela, Danniella, Daniele, Dannielle,

Is Danielle an Irish name?

Danielle in Irish is Daniélín.

Is Daniella a pretty name?

Daniella Origin and Meaning

Daniella, Daniela, and Danielle were among the hottest names for twenty years, but now, though still popular, they can no longer be considered stylish options, lagging behind the newer Ella, Stella, Bella, Gabriella, and Isabella.

How do you spell Danny for a girl?

♀ Danny (girl)

as a name for girls (also used more regularly as boys’ name Danny) means “God is my Judge”. Danny is an alternate form of Danielle (Hebrew, French): feminine version of Daniel.

Is Daniela a good name?

The Spanish feminine version, Daniela, has not quite achieved a spot on the Top 100 list of most commonly used girl’s names, but it’s currently more popular than her French counterpart Danielle or the more English version Daniella. Daniela is a Top 100 name in the states of Texas and Nevada, and also California.

What is Dani short for?

Dani is a short variant of Daniel or Daniela and therefore a biblical name.