Your question: What does the name Lucero mean?

What is Lucero in English?

lucero (estrella brillante) bright star.

How common is the last name Lucero?

How Common Is The Last Name Lucero? It is the 2,498th most frequent family name on earth, held by approximately 1 in 32,833 people.

Where is the Lucero family from?

Lucero (entertainer)

Birth name Lucero Hogaza León
Also known as Lucerito The girlfriend of the Americas
Born 29 August 1969 Mexico City, Mexico
Origin Mexico

Is Lucero a boy name?

Lucero Origin and Meaning

The name Lucero is a girl’s name meaning “light”. Lucero is a nickname name for Luz, meaning light.

How do you pronounce Lucero?

The name Lucero can pronounced as “Loo-SEH-roh” in text or letters.

Is Lucero an Italian surname?

De Luca, De Luca and Di Luca are common Italian surnames, derived from the Latin name Lucas.

Is Lucero a female or male name?

The name Lucero is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Light, Star.

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