The Holy Grail

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The Holy Grail was basically started by the Arthurian legends. The legends were coded with heretical information about the blood line of the biblical Jesus. That is why medieval writers came up with an alternative for the Holy Grail. San greal means “Holy Grail” and sang real means “royal blood”. I’m going to give you the true meaning of the Holy Grail and it was around way before Christianity or any other patriarch religion. Continue reading “The Holy Grail”


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If you look up Quetzalcoatl, even Wikipedia will tell you he is an Aztec god. He is an Aztec god, but the Aztecs were late in the game. They were like the Greeks and Romans to the Egyptians. The Romans and Greeks took the Egyptian gods and goddesses and renamed them along with making a few of their own. The Aztecs just adopted the Mayan gods like Kulkulkan and renamed them.   Other civilizations, like the Inca and Olmec,  adopted the Mayan gods and renamed them too.  To really understand Quetzalcoatl you have to be an initiate of Atlantean Mystery School. That is where I come in. Continue reading “Quetzalcoatl”


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In this post I will go outside of what I normally do and prove that the story of Pocahontas is mostly a lie. The story of Pocahontas have been around a long time. Everyone thinks that the whole story comes from John Smith himself. John Smith was not a very elegant or highly educated person. His early writings are very different from the latter writings. His early writings are rough and he only mentions Pocahontas once and she is about an 11 or 12-year-old girl. His later writings are very eloquent and formal. Almost King James version bible like. Did Smith all of a sudden become royally educated or did someone else write the lies of this story? Continue reading “Pocahontas”


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I can’t even begin to explain how bad the nonsense is on the internet about Baphomet. Baphomet is a symbol or deity that the Knights Templar were supposedly worshipping.
Those who are familiar with my work, know I’m going to bring this symbol back down to earth and reveal the truth. To those who are coming to my work for the first time, I ask ”What if you are wrong about Baphomet being Satan”? After you have thought about that, press the continue reading button and we will get on with the truth. Continue reading “Baphomet”

Gandalf Frees Theoden



Gandalf freeing Theoden from the grasp of Saruman is an awesome representation of just how much the deceit in this world has a hold of people’s minds. I have said in previous writings that Saruman represented religion, but this Grima character represents the archetypal sycophant, liar, flatterer, and manipulator. So Grima represents religion, politics, media, corporations or any other inauthentic person. Continue reading “Gandalf Frees Theoden”

Happy Eostre

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Eostre(Ostara) is a time to celebrate the vernal equinox. A time when both day and night are equal. A time to celebrate the goddess giving birth. The Holly King is reborn; when Eostre, the Goddess of spring appears in the vines as the ultimate representative of fertility, to present the Eostre egg. It is said that her symbol is a rabbit, an image perceived from the moon and it is the Eostre bunny. It is thought that our Easter celebration comes from Eostre, but she like all goddess come from one special lady in Egypt. Continue reading “Happy Eostre”

Goddess Maat

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Mainstream references will tell you that Maat was the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice. Maat is a perfect example of how much knowledge we have lost about the ancients. Just like Osiris, Maat had nothing to do with death. She had to do with the underworld. Everything we know about Maat has come from the patriarch minds of Lower Egypt. Her true symbolism is way more interesting. Continue reading “Goddess Maat”