The myth of Osiris has a few meanings. As I have shown before, the Gods of Egypt are all aspects of you or aspects of humans. Osiris is you. The main aspect of yourself and the ruler of your world. If you are familiar with magic you know what I mean. This myth is a tale of your journey into the underworld, but it also shows true history. It has a little hidden astrology and occult symbolism in it as well. Researchers keep thinking that Osiris was King of the Dead, in actuality he was King of the Underworld.

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The legendary Basilisk is one of my favorite myth characters. This creature is said to be able to kill you just by looking at you. The Basilisk was known as the King of the Serpents. A serpent that kills by just looking at you? This is starting to remind me of Medusa. I have shown the true meaning of Medusa and the Basilisk is not to far off. Continue reading “Basilisk”


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I was asked by a few people to do a piece on the first Witch trail and who it was. That was easy. The first trial or official trial was in England in 1566. Before this they didn’t even have a trial, they just burned or hanged the girl. The women’s names were Agnes Waterhouse, Joan Waterhouse and Elizabeth Francis. Continue reading “Hypatia”


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The Banshee is from Irish and Scottish mythology. So what do these myths say about the Banshee? She is often described as an ugly, frightful hag. She usually in red or green and is a kind of fairy. She is said to soar around your house as she wails and screams like a manic demon to not so subtly let you know your about to die. In some mythology she only comes around to herald the death of a prominent Gaelic family. Continue reading “Banshee”



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The myth of Prometheus is easy to understand if you know the true history of this world. Prometheus steals the fire from the gods and gives it to mankind. Why the hell would the gods be mad at someone stealing a torch of fire. Did they not want human to cook or stay warm? Continue reading “Prometheus”

Jack and the Beanstalk

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Everyone has read Jack and the Beanstalk right? The story is older than most people believe. Renditions of this story go back to ancient Egypt. The cow running out of milk was people not believing in Hathor(The Egyptian Cow God) or the zodiac sign of Taurus anymore. Continue reading “Jack and the Beanstalk”